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Argumentative Essay "Learner Drivers Don't Get Enough Experience In Different Types Of Weather Conditions Before They Get Their Probationary License".

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Argumentative Essay"Learner drivers don't get enough experience in different types of weather conditions before they get their Probationary License".A Driver's Education program should be introduced into the secondary schools curriculum as a compulsory subject. Making this subject compulsory would mean that all students would have to complete the course so they could be permitted to go for their license. A course designed to give students' enough experience in would help to improve the quality of drivers that are on the road, this would hopefully mean that the roads would be safer. Having this as a subject is just as important to students as any other subject in the school.A driver education program for high school students would mean that there would not be as many deaths and accidents on the roads each year. A lot of the fatalities when driving involve inexperienced drivers that have lost control of the car when they were driving recklessly. The unit is needed to give young people enough practice in different situations like weather changes and unknown road obstacles. After the unit the students would hopefully be prepared for sudden changes on the road and equipped with the informed needed to back there own judgement after making a decision. The students also need to be aware of the influences of drinking then driving, and the pressure placed on them by there peers who often encourage bad driving habits, like speeding.Many Probationary Licensed drivers feel that when they are driving a car that they are 'invincible', doing skids and driving as fast as they can and nothing can touch them. But the reality is that they are even more susceptible to be in accidents because of their recklessness than responsible, more experienced drivers are. Programs in the high schools around Australia on safer driving might not only include the 'hands-on' experiences of driving, but it could have periods in the classroom for discussion and further education. In these sessions videos and statistics on youth driving accidents and their consequences could be shown. Footage of accidents...

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