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Argumentative Essay: Sex Education In School.

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The first step is improving sex education: Argumentative essay.In the U.S, more than 750,000 girls ages 15-19 become pregnant every year. More than 80percent of these are unintended pregnancies, according to That is a great amountof teenagers that could have potentially dodged a bullet with a little more sexual education. Will a lackof sexual education continue to play a role in the overwhelming amount of teenage mothers in America?In my opinion of course it will. Just like the article states, sex education is rising in American schools,and this is in favor of my argument on how I greatly support this upward movement my reason is weare just falling way behind! Further thought out and well presented sex education will reduce teenpregnancy and spread of sexual diseases.How exactly will better sex education in the states lead to fewer sex incidents within the sexuallyactive community? Simply by education. Lack of education in anything will not give you positive results.Although it is said that there is no strong proof that teaching sex education will have any effect onteenagers and young adults, there is proof. Ex. Hechinger writes "Analysis in sex education in Sweden,Holland, France, Great Britain and Canada show us lagging far behind" (143). Reading the article andnoticing the particular countries mentioned, I went to research. The countries mentioned are up to parwith America as far as development and economy go, but fall way behind when it comes to all thingssexual! We not only have higher teenage birth rates, we also...

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784 words - 4 pages stupid decisions that can change their future. I support the idea of implementing sex education at middle and elementary schools. Next step will be to find a strategy to implement it in the classrooms. Birth control methods are simply out of the equation, but today society has created so many tools to facilitate education that a program dedicated to this issue should not be a problem. High School sex education for public and private schools should

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5381 words - 22 pages school sex education. In 1978, Spanier also reported no relationship between students' experience with formal sex education in high school and their sexual behaviour in college.In general, the 1970s were characterised by substantial growth in sex education. This growth included an expansion of topics and increased depth of coverage of traditional topics. A sex-positive perspective began to emerge and, in a small way, women were acknowledged as

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3266 words - 13 pages you don’t get it.”( reveals why some girls are prevented from participating well in class. Meanwhile, there is not only a problem with girls’ shyness but also with boys’ grades. There is much evidence that shows boys’ performances increase more in single sex education than in co-educational schools. For instance, according to the National Association For Single Sex Public Education, “at Morely High School on Leeds, only one

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790 words - 3 pages School based sex education, delivered before the minimum school leaving age remains the most effective way of universally, comprehensively, and uniformly targeting adolescent population. (1) Worldwide, approximately half of 16-year-olds are sexually active and have partner turnover which facilitates the spread of STIs, is at it's highest amongst young people (2) Approximately 60% of all new HIV cases are among young people (3) and more than 90

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1516 words - 7 pages statistics and the media state otherwise. “A significant decrease among students, where the proportion who are sexually active declined from 59 percent in 1991 to 41 percent in 2011 (Child Trends).” The purpose of this essay is to not only state the pros and cons but to inform both parents and students of why sex education needs to be taught in schools. Over the years the topic has gone through various changes in the public school system. The

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999 words - 4 pages engaging in such acts at that age. Many schools give parents the choice to have their child opt out of the lesson or class. Few states are required to teach sex education to students in secondary schools unless they were withdrawn from the class by their parents. As a teenager, I firmly believe that sex education should be taught in schools because students need to be educated. Many parents don’t address this topic at home, so school is the best

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1126 words - 5 pages Should sex education be taught in schools? The question is no longer should sex education be taught, but rather how should it be taught. According to the Center for Disease control and Prevention, over 93 % of all public schools currently offer courses on sexuality or HIV/AIDS (CDCP, 44) More than 510 junior and/or senior high schools have school liked health clinics, and more than 300 schools make condoms available on campus. The question now

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1177 words - 5 pages Sexually transmitted disease and unexpected pregnancies are an increasing problem in America. Many public school systems have been working to mitigate these problems through the teaching of sexual education in school. However, many schools are still using an outdated and ineffective system known as abstinence-only programs. These abstinence programs are set on an unrealistic goal to stop everyone from having premarital sex. In addition, those

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1369 words - 6 pages Why should comprehensive sex education be allowed in schools? Should teens be exposed to comprehensive sex education? Sex education should be taught in school because it give children stable and accurate information , it informs them of the danger and diseases associated with sex, and it teaches them about safe sex options. What is the meaning of comprehensive sex education? Is education about all matters relating to sexuality. What it

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1832 words - 7 pages women aged 16 to 59, showed that sex education programs did delay the onset of sexual activity and also increased the use of the condom during first intercourse. In addition Douglas Kirby, director of research for ETR Associates, pointed out that earlier studies showed that school programs did not hasten the onset of sex or increase its frequency. In fact, some programs may delay both. Kirby wrote: 'There is not enough direct evidence to determine

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