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Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

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Getting your first job as a teenager can be an exciting time in a teenager’s life. Most teenagers start working in a retail stores or a fast food restaurant. One place that can pop into someone’s mind when looking for a job is Old Navy. There are hundreds of locations across the nations making it available to most teenagers. The flexible hours, good management, and discounts make Old Navy a wonderful place to start working as a teenager although not receiving enough hours to work is a downside.
One of the main benefits about working at Old Navy is the flexible hours. The management at Old Navy understands that many of its employees are students that work part-time. For this reason, they make the scheduling flexible for all employees. Old Navy is a great place for college students as management tries to work around your classes. Also if sometimes comes up and a person is not able to work, the administration will do its best to get another employee to cover the shift in advance. Old Navy also accommodates employees who have illnesses or medical emergencies. These are only some examples of how the Old Navy management caters to the employees scheduling needs.
The next benefit of working at Old Navy is the pleasant management team. As in most stores, Old Navy has several managers with a head manager in charge of everything. The group of managers is diverse in background and ages. Each of the managers tries to make each employee comfortable in the workplace. They make everyone feel like it is a family that working at Old Navy. The employees know that there have the managers to talk to if something happens. The members of the administration are also very easy to work with in terms of scheduling and any confusion that might occur during the average day of working.
Working at Old Navy also has the benefit of receiving discounts. When a person first starts working at Old Navy, they...

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