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Argumentative Writing Essay

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How many of you have read the Hunger Games series? Many people have and probably enjoyed the books. In fact, Hunger Games the first book was in Amazon's top five best selling novels of two thousand eleven. Described as ¨dark¨ and ¨gruesome,¨ it also received one of the top ten most banned book attempts two thousand eleven. Book banning is a problem. Books should not be banned because literature isn't getting the opportunity to be read, people everywhere are being denied knowledge and people deciding what other people get to or not read is wrong.
When books are banned literature isn’t getting the opportunity to be read. Louis Reimer, a Jacksonville Florida parent, had Stephen King's novels ...view middle of the document...

All of those statistics and research shielded by lock and key. A highly controversial book written by Malala Yousafzai, I am Malala, was banned from over forty thousand schools in Pakistan. When Malala campaigned for what she believed in she was shot in the head yet a lucky survivor. People are being denied their right to knowledge because one person or a group of people disapprove of something. Everyone isn't getting an equal chance to read what others get to read. Instead of limiting knowledge by banning books we should encourage knowledge by trying to stop books from being banned in the first place.
Ultimately, people deciding what other people get to, or not, read is wrong. According to the American Library Association, ALA, banned book attempts are being used as a way to monitor the reading material of children. Stating it should be the parents job to monitor what their children get to read, not another person. These types of parents are not only dictating which books their kids can or can’t read, they are dictating for other children too. Certain parents may disapprove of the book although other parents might want their kids to read that same book. For example, a parent complained about a number of books to their local Oconee Georgia school district. Due to complaints made by the parent, that books by author V.C. Andrews were too scary eight of his works were removed from the district library. That parent’s actions decided that those books won’t be read by anyone in their district. Why should one person decide what everyone else can or can’t read? That parent should be looking at what their child is reading instead of taking away the privilege to read those books from...

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