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Argumentative Human Cloning - Stop Cloning AroundDid you enjoy watching Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Multiplicity, or any of the othermovies that describe cloning? Most of what you see in these movies is false. Cloning could be dangerous, to the clone and to our society as a whole. It is unethical to have a human clone.There is no other topic in "health technologies" that is so controversial than human cloning. It will be an even more controversial issue than abortion. Cloning seems like a topic for the future but this future is much closer than people would like to believe. Many people have deep religious and ethical reasons for wanting a ban on human cloning.What is cloning? Cloning is a process used to create a copy of a mammal by using the complete genetic material of a regular body cell. Cloning needs only one cell; without sex. To site an example; in 1997, the news shocked the whole world that the British scientists created a lamb named Dolly from a single cell. This type of cloning is referred to as Nuclear Transfer Cloning. What happened in Dolly's case is that Dr. Ian Willmus and his team of scientists took a nucleus from a sheep's udder and inserted it with an egg from another sheep. Out of 200 embryos that developed only one embryo survived. It was implanted into a third sheep. Dolly was born 148 days later as an exact genetic replica of the sheep that they took the nucleus from the udder. Dolly was then "put down" by lethal injection in 2003. She was suffering from lung cancer and crippling arthritis.Could you imagine if the failure rate was that high if humans start being cloned? More than 200 embryos, the start of 200 human beings, would die for the sake of just one embryo that would have the same DNA as some one else. Cloning a human would be extremely dangerous to the birth mother and the clone. In studies done on cows, four out of twelve birth mothers died. There is also a very high abnormality rate for the clone. There is a very high...

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The Ethics of Human Cloning Essay

1307 words - 5 pages Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestants, and Hinduism, oppose all forms of cloning because they argue that it is considered a murder if a human life is created just so others can conduct a scientific research. Moreover, it is regarded as morally unacceptable to create a human being based on another human’s image instead of God’s. In addition to the preceding reasons, for clones to know that they are merely copies of someone else would not be morally

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794 words - 3 pages their purpose. A sample survey was done and the results varied dependant upon the situation but overall about ten percent of the population are pro cloning whereas ninety percent oppose cloning. There are many different stances that scientist take in their pursuit of cloning technology. Some arguments that have been made to permit research on this subject are as follow: therapeutic cloning may put an end to human suffering and provide cures

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981 words - 4 pages parents that possess superior characteristics and quality and are more resistant to disease. Other than that, this also helps the biomedical researches to do their research on specific diseases that can be found in both human and animal by testing it on the clones first (Pros and Cons of Animal Cloning, 2014). This is beneficial towards the medical research on understanding disease and finding cures, vaccines and even preventions towards

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1813 words - 8 pages a human is now possible. Because of technological advancements throughout the past few decades, more is possible with cloning, including reproductive cloning. Although controversial and constantly debated, with the help of reproductive cloning, one can clone an organ that an organism may need, causing the organism to ultimately survive longer. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) is the scientific name for the process of cloning. Clones made

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1275 words - 5 pages live on with their life .Lastly cloning as has helped animals with increasing their population, to decrease their chances of becoming an endangered species. The scientist has improved in this procedure over the years to manipulate nature into benefiting the circle of life. For the most part it may seem that cloning is great uses for the world and should not be discontinued. However, some people, feel cloning is unethical and against the natural


970 words - 4 pages a single cell, miraculously; the cell had been taken from the udder of adult sheep, which show the first cloning experiment was successful.The history of cloningAbout the cloning history, we trace back to 400 million years BC, the plants could clone themselves but not to long. The human found the cloning 200 years ago, the first person who did the cloning experiment is a German biologist named Han Spermann, he uses the egg white to clone chicken

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1205 words - 5 pages scientists to reach the climax of the cloning history with an astonishing, but a risky discovery: the first successful stem cell cloning in 2013 which declares the possibility of human cloning. On one hand, supporters think human cloning is a miracle and the masterpiece of science. On the other hand, considering the cons of human cloning, opponents think human cloning should be illegitimate; hence, it is illegal in countries such as Canada, India

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1717 words - 7 pages to create human life it is not going to happen anytime in the near future. This is because the spindle proteins on the nucleus make it nearly impossible to create a clone (Cloning, 2011). The second argument against human cloning is that in therapeutic cloning stem cells show a remarkable similarity to cancer cells (Cloning, 2011). However while they show similarities research will be able to show the differences and possible ways to make sure

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1198 words - 5 pages many moral and ethical questions associated with cloning. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) introduced a bill on January 29, 2003 called the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2003, which looks to disallow both human reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. The Family Research Council also supports this bill, and it is one of the staunchest opponents of all forms of human cloning. They feel that research cloning is not needed to advance medical

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3082 words - 12 pages to human cloning was outlawed by Bill Clinton in 1997. This action was supposed to only be temporary but lasted longer than promised. Shortly after Bill Clinton’s announcement of banning human cloning that’s funded with federal money, several European countries decided to ban the cloning of humans. The banning of human cloning begins to have a domino effect on other countries and this is best shown by Glenn McGee in which he displayed a table

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1287 words - 6 pages Human cloning has not been legally used in humans because many people and experts are still discussing its effectiveness, worthiness and effect on humanity. Human cloning, also known as human genetic engineering, can be divided into two main types, which are therapeutic cloning, growing cloned tissue from individual, and reproductive cloning, genetically identical copy of an individual. Human cloning have drawn people’s attention because people

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2312 words - 9 pages , but neither of these groups had proof of their claims (ProQuest Staff). Human embryo cloning was successfully attempted by Advanced Cell Technology in 2001, but the embryos only lived for a few days (Scientists Attempt to Clone Human Embryo). In the year 2000, a young girl was dying of Fanconi Anemia, and after embryo testing was performed on her brother, she was saved by a transplant of Adam’s cells (Hyde and Setaro 83). A false claim

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2040 words - 9 pages “Your lives are set out for you. You’ll become adults, then before you’re old, before you’re even middle-aged, you’ll start to donate your vital organs. That’s what each of you was created to do. You’re not like the actors you watch on your videos, you’re not even like me. You were brought into this world for a purpose, and your futures, all of them, have been decided.” ― Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go. Human Cloning is on the verge becoming

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606 words - 2 pages ;l, believes that the Elohim, our creator, created us by simply cloning their population. Elohim's cloning technology is based on 25,000 years of research, and therefore much more advance then ours. This Elohim is mistranslated to 'God' in Hebrew bible.On February 1997, the Raélian Movement created Clonaid, the first human cloning company. Sponsored and infested by worldwide investors, Clonaid owns its laboratory on early 1998

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1163 words - 5 pages The Effects Human Cloning Has on Society and People's Reactions *Missing Works Cited* The purpose of this year's study is to determine what effects does human cloning have on society and how people react to human cloning. The most commonly cited ethical and moral arguments against human cloning seem to originate from religious perspectives. These religious arguments can even be made by politicians and scientists