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Professional corporations have moved far beyond nine year old sports clubs and small local businesses.They sponsor athletes, celebrities, and they even parter up with each other at times. They do whatever they need to in order to keep their business running. The only problem is that now the corporations are extending themselves past the entertainment zone, and they are now entering our school systems. Schools are now risking their students education for business ventures to ensure financial assistance for their programs. We see advertisements like "Pepsi" or "Coca-Cola" all over high school athletic uniforms as well as school property, and there are "Gatorade" vending machines on every ...view middle of the document...

Better equipment will not only be good for the students but it will make things easier for the falcilty and staff. The school can provide updated textbooks and other technology such as screen projectors and new computers. They can also have easy access to helpful educational systems and databases. These few chages can increase the number of students on the A/B honor roll and upgrade the quality of the school.
Students can also learn about commercialism and economics from the sponsorships. Highschool students for one are still preparing for college, and the corporate parters can help students with their carrer decisions. Being exposed to such businesses venture may invoke curiosty in the young minds of the students which may result in a future of entrepreneurs. Not only may they become interested in entrepreneurship but the will contribute to our "consumer" society which in return will help our economy.
The school can also become well known in their deals with certain corporations. This can come with good connections to people who may want to help with the funding of the school. They can be exposed to bigger and better things which will hopfully bring students to engage in there curriculum. More students will also result in more money for the school due to school lunch, sports, and school activities. The school will start to make money off of it self while in the process of recieving great ratings.
There are great advantages that come along with inviting Corporations into our educational systems, but in return there are always negative consequences. In this case, due to the academic and environmental distractions on the students because of the sponsorships, the negative side effects out weigh the postive.
Interacting with the community is a major part of a school system. Being connected with the community is benefitcial to students because its shows them how to get out in the world and make a change. They can engage in many community service programs which help with their college and scholarship oppurtunites. By allowing private corporations to sponsor them schools are at risk of turning the public domain into a private sector of the community. Although the money might come in handy, schools will not be able to have their own say in many things because of the deal they proposed with the corporation.
Because educational materials are so expensive, a coporation may provide them in exchage for...

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