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Arguments For Spending More Of The American Budget On Education Rather Than Welfare

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In the recent February article of the Los AngelesTimes, Clinton has announced to go on with a plan to helppeople of welfare. Clinton challenged corporate bosses fivemonths ago to take people in from welfare and trained them.One of the main contributors of the project is a chiefexecutive officer of the Monsanto Ca., the nation's fourthlargest chemical maker. Clinton singled out the Monsantocompany and other companies for helping out welfare workers.Monsanto has hired five recipient and found almost twentymore jobs for others.Under the new laws of the welfare reforms, the ablebody workers should work within the two years of recievingbenefits. Some of the good things out of this plan is thatby the year 2005, only 14% of jobs will be done by more ofthe dependent poor people. This is bad because 46% of aidrecipients had not completed high school or earned a GeneralEquivalency Diploma. The ability to absorb more welfarerecipients is limited by the high- technology chemical,agricultural, fiber and pharmaceutical development andmanufacturing. These workers would have limited skills.Monsanto is highly protecteive of the privacy of its specialnew hires. The new employees are hired to fill a variety ofclerical and light general- labor positions. They will notbe identified as the company's welfare-to-work initiative.The possible short-term effect this would have onsociety is that people, on welfare, would be able to workand get paid for it. This will allow them to be able tobuild finance of their own that they will be able to helpthem with their lives. The long-term effect, though itseemed good for the people, would be bad for everyone elsewho weren't on welfare. This would be because the peopleworking off welfare would really be...

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