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Arguments For The Dissolution Of Nato

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has run its respective course. The alliance is no longer a feasible option in the post cold war world with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. NATO acts as an obstacle in the peace process when the United Nations (UN) is seen as a much more credible peacekeeping force than an outdated military alliance. The UN should solve issues around the globe not individually led alliances.Here is a short background on the alliance and why it was formed. Originally created in 1949, the alliance was formed to deter an attack across Western Europe by the Soviet Union. The alliance is made up of twenty six charter members, mostly of Western European countries, with the exception of the United States, Canada and Australia. After World War II, the countries in Western Europe were decimated by the war and were in need of some protection from the larger and stronger Soviet Army. The fear over the spread of communism through Europe was the paramount decision to form an alliance to protect Europe. The United States led the effort and began to collect member nations to join. The alliance was a strong deterrent to Soviet aggression and helped maintain a cold war peace for 46 years. The alliance was headquartered in Paris, France until 1961 when it was moved to Brussels, Belgium.After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, there was no longer a feasible reason to keep the alliance in tact. Since the main reason was to face a Soviet threat, there was no longer a Soviet threat because the Soviet Union no longer existed. The Soviet Union fell into a loose configuration of states known as the Commonwealth of Independent States. Some people in the alliance believed that with an unstable regime in power in the old USSR, they were more dangerous than they were before. With no legitimate central government in Moscow, there was about ten different independent nations which had all inherited soviet nuclear weapon arsenals.After the USSR finally stabilized in the mid 90's, NATO should have begun formally dismantling. According to the official NATO website, the United States is expected to pay out between $5 and $19 Billion dollars to NATO in dues and NATO sponsored training and support missions over the next fifteen years. The United States could use this money towards other endeavors such, as United Nations sponsored training and missions. The payments and dues that are spent yearly are minor when compared with the fact that the alliance is no longer needed.The NATO alliance currently has troops deployed in the former Yugoslavia and in Kabul, Afghanistan. The NATO alliance did not assist the United States in the recent war with Iraq. They did not even intervene to prevent a possible attack on Turkey, in the event Iraq attacked it to deter them from allowing US troops to base raids from Turkish soil. What I am getting at here is that if an alliance has run its course and is not going to be used, then why even fund it and have it?The...

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