Arguments For And Against Abortion Essay

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Arguments for and Against Abortion

An abortion is also known as a termination, meaning to terminate, to
stop. An abortion is when you stop a pregnancy, by removing the
foetus from the womb.

Many people frown upon abortions, as they see them as the killing of a
life. Other people believe that it is a ‘potential’ life, and that a
foetus is not considered to be a child.

Some people feel that in a situation where the prospective parents are
told their unborn child may be disabled, an abortion is acceptable.

The situation mostly frowned upon is abortion for social reasons e.g.
the mother cannot afford to bring up the child, is too young to have a
child, it is not the right time for having a child.

A foetus can be removed from the womb by means of abortion, no later
than 24 weeks into the pregnancy. This is presently considered to be
the “point of viability”, as after this time, with the use of modern
technology, a foetus is capable of surviving outside the womb.
Originally, the point of viability was 28 weeks, but developments in
technology have changed this.

Doctors consider an abortion to be ‘late’ if it is after 12 weeks into
the pregnancy, as the foetus is more difficult to remove than in the
earlier stages of pregnancy.

A pregnant woman must find two doctors who will grant permission for
an abortion, before one can take place. Both doctors need to agree
that the pregnancy would be a risk to the mother’s physical or mental
state, or cause her or her family injury (a social clause).

What the Christian Bible Says

In this section of my essay, I am going to use quotes to show how
Christians argue whether abortion is ‘right or wrong’ in the eyes of

The quote from Job 1; 20-22, “I was born with nothing, and I will die
with nothing. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.”

This quote shows that Christians believe that only God should decide
who should live or die. It implies we should not choose our own
deaths, or choose whether someone else should live or die, and that we
only take our memories and things we have learnt when we die.

This quote could be construed that Christian belief is against
abortion. Abortion would deny a foetus the chance to experience life,
and gain knowledge and memories.

I believe that the quote has a valid opinion, but on the other hand,
understand that people cannot always provide for a child, or may have
a medical problem which could cause them harm is they went through
with a pregnancy. They should be allowed the freedom to choose whether
they want an abortion, but should only use this as a last resort.
Careless pregnancies should not happen, as people should take more
care, and use contraceptives.

If what God says is right, and what he does sets a precedent, then why

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