Ariel Castro Herbephile Or Sadist Essay

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People today are always mentioning how bad things have gotten in recent years. It is easy to assume that crime and sexual deviance have been on an incline, with so many media outlets society is over exposed to the stories such as these that are often in the headlines. Truth is sexual behaviors and murder have been around thousands of years and were documented through drawings, pottery, and hieroglyphics. Today we are able to study and analyze data we receive from crime scenes and directly from the offenders in hopes of gaining a better understanding of criminals and their behavior. In the past studies conducted on some of the most notorious serial killers and sex offender have allowed us to ...view middle of the document...

Phil "I was the most hated one,"" 2013). Castro was able to kidnap each of the girls by offering them a ride to their destination. In each instance, he lured them into his home where he then tied them up and held them against their will for a little over a decade. (Montaldo, "3 Women Escape Captors After 10 Years", 2013)
Castro's selection of his victims shows signs that he may have been a Herbephile, as these types of offenders usually have an attraction to the age group which has already hit puberty. It was mentioned there may have been a possibility that each of the girls may have known Castro because of their friendships with his daughters, perhaps he had already fantasized about these girls and only chose them because they were easy targets. When Castro finally got the girls to his home he raped and humiliated them and forced them to repeat certain phrases during his sexual abuse and would beat them if they did not comply with his demands.
Ariel Castro exclaimed at his trial “ I am not a monster. I am sick.” Could he be right? According to an article by The Examiner Castro showed signed of Anti-social Personality Disorder, which is caused by biological, psychological and sociocultural factors. In other words, his heredity and environment could have played a large role in his twisted ways and the heinous crimes he committed (Lumsden, "Ariel Castro found dead: criminal sociopath", 2013). In a study conducted by Friestron, Bradford and Greenber(1998) most sadists were previously diagnosed with such diseases as Psychosis, Anti-Social Personality disorder, and Severe Paraphilias (Holmes, Sex crimes: patterns and behavior, 2009, p. 188). Most sexual sadists are detached from others and Ariel Castro was indeed detached though he lived with his two brother neither knew of what was happening in the basement and his children were not an active part of his life.
While Castro may have been a Herebephile his behavior during his criminals acts strongly suggests he had sadistic tendencies, as a sadist usually seeks to dominate and have total...

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