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Aristotle Essay

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Aristotle was said to be the most memorable philosopher in Roman Times. Being in a part of the lower-class, he had more opportunities than the people in his same social class. With these opportunities, Aristotle took full advantage of them and built a life for himself. Throughout his lifetime, he accomplished many things. Aristotle’s findings have proven throughout the many years they have been useful. 1
Aristotle was born in 384 BCE in Stagira Chalcidice. He was the son of Nicomachus who was a physician for King Amyntas of Macedon. Having this connection, Aristotle probably spent most of his time in the Macedonia palace through most of his childhood. Aristotle moved to Athens at the age of ...view middle of the document...

Plato mainly put all of his focus onto philosophy, while Aristotle went above and beyond from philosophy. Originally rhetoric had come from Plato, but Aristotle expanded more on in it in which he added the modes of persuasion: ethos logos and pathos.
In speech classes, teacher would sometimes use Rhetoric, Aristotle’s view of a counterpart of both logic and politics. Rhetoric is a writing style in which certain people would use to define a certain thing based on the characteristics of it. This style of writing definitions has allowed people to look at different objects more in depth.
Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Many people say the older you are the wiser you are. Maybe in order to learn new things, you must first know what interests you. When someone finds something they are really interested in they do all they can to become better and better at it. No one needs to tell someone exactly what they are going to do; they need to figure it out on their own for their wisdom to grow. Aristotle took his own words in how he perceives the world. Once Aristotle knew what he was passionate about, he did all he could to give his knowledge to the world.
A philosopher that is similar to Aristotle is John Locke. They are similar in that they both had a philosophy that someone/something could be identified as. Locke was also known as the “Father of Classical Liberalism”. He was one of the most influential philosophers during the Enlightenment. 6One of his most famous liberal theory is found in the United States Declaration of Independence, he was the one who brought up “life, liberty, and prosperity”.
Most people consider “heroes” heroes, because of what they had contributed to society. Aristotle is a hero because his accomplishments of discoveries changed society for the better. His unique way of perception is how he is remembered and why he is looked up to.
Knowing how Aristotle’s philosophies have helped people in their everyday lives, I hope I can do the same with what I know. He has inspired me to take...

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