Aristotle Man Is The Worst Animal When Separated By Law And Justice College Essay

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In the aspect of philosophy and the studies illustrated by the wise, one in particular catches my attention as stated by Aristotle, on the significance of law and justice together with its contribution to man or societies. Aristotle’s philosophical theory that states that … “man is the worst of all animals when he is separated from law and justice.” If man is the worst animal separated from law and justice this is because the nature of man is to seek superiority in the existence of society and behaviors that discriminate such as crimes, corruption, lies, false offenses against others and so forth. In doing this it goes against moral good and virtue. However, he also states that such behavior should not exist.
In addition, Aristotle thinks societies that are not governed under laws and justice are such that will soon suffer by the nature of men to do evil. Because If no constraints are possessed, it will tame man to become injustice. In the sense that they will seek bad unto their enemies. Therefore, injustice is not merely accepted in society. However, when laws are ineffective and helpless it will also destroy society with its consequences.
In many forms, it is necessary for such nature to be converted and to do this, he states that “the perfected human being is one that abides by law and justice”. The definition of perfect reflects an important aspect where man is to leave behind the natural being and become virtuous, to abiding and not being separated from the laws and justice. Instead, embrace it as we facilitate that concept of excellence....

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