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How should we look at love? It is merely a vice to be intimately involved with another person? Is it separated into superior and inferior types? Phaedrus, you have done a good job of conveying the strong emotion of love. Love is not a faint or weak thing. There are aspects of love which include much depth and are not for the weary hearted. Pausanias, you have well explained the sexual desires as a result of love. Love is complex, but not in a heavenly and common way, but all love is common. Love is a virtue. Love is good and pleasant. It is one single soul inhabiting two bodies. It does not judge. It should not be solely based on benefit, but the best kinds of love should be a mutual feeling. There are many different kinds of love. There is love of affection, romance, friendship, and unconditional love. The good thing about love is that it strives for a common goal. People love and want to be loved. It brings immense joy to those who can fully embrace it. Considering the idea that there are four types of love, some of these loves must be inferior and others must be superior.
Love of affection is the emotional outburst between two beings that is not forever. Affection can be compared a lot to lust. Lust is a type of passion that can overwhelm an individual very quickly, but as quickly as it comes, it could fade away. Lust in less provocative terms is like having a crush on someone. Unless this type of love is reciprocated, it can never grow. There is only one way for this love to go. It will decrease over time because people love and hope to be loved in return. Without this, they will have no reason to continue feeling affection for this person and their feelings will wither away.
Romance and affection go hand in hand, but romance is the spark that keeps affection alive. A person may not always feel affection for someone else. Those feelings can diminish over time, but romance helps renew feelings because this love goes both ways. Romance can be more intimate and even sexual at times. Romance is most commonly between couples (man and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and for the Greeks man and boy) and it makes the relationship stronger. It is not always lasting though. People break up and they can fall out of love. In the Greek system, boys grow older and eventually stop going to the elder man for his “wisdom” and then the romance is no more. Boyfriends and girlfriends can grow apart once they go to different colleges. Romance is a love of circumstance. If they individuals involved are in the same places in life, then it makes it easier to initiate this...

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