Aristotle's Golden Mean And Some Filipino Values

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THE GOLDEN MEAN AND SOME FILIPINO VALUESA Term Paper Presented to theFaculty of Religious Studies, Peace Education and Philosophy Department,College of Arts and SciencesNotre Dame UniversityIn Partial Fulfillmentof the Requirements for theDegree of Bachelor of Arts,Major in PhilosophyLEOBELO JOFEL A. DELICANAMarch 2013Chapter IIntroductionWe as Filipinos have our own identity. We are marked by our culture which is a confluence of other cultures that have also influenced us. The Spaniards, Americans, Japanese, Arabs and Chinese people are the ones which have an influence which could be noticeable in our lives as Filipinos. Now, we are able to notice some of values which are common to Filipinos. Some of these values are the value of paggalang, close family ties, and bayanihan as our good values. However, we also have negative values. Some of these values are being ningas kugon, "bahala na mentality" and pakikisama (in a negative sense).The Greek ancient philosopher Aristotle has something to say about virtues. He believes that one should do what is moral. Because of this, he developed a standard on which action would be weighed if virtuous or not.This paper would try to analyze certain Filipino values, both positive and negative in the light of Aristotle's Philosophy on virtue theory of the Golden Mean. The study will be based on library research. With these, the researcher would like to answer the following questions: What are values and what are Filipino values? What is Aristotle's virtue theory of the Golden Mean? What is the relevance of the virtue theory of the Golden Mean to Filipino values?Chapter IIVirtue for AristotleVirtue is of two kinds, intellectual and moral. Intellectual virtue in the main owes its birth and its growth to teaching. Meaning it needs and requires experience and time. On the other hand moral virtue comes as a result of habit, whence also its name (ethike) is one that is formed by a slight variation from the word ethos (habit). From this it is also clear that none of the moral virtues arises in us by nature; for nothing that exists by nature can form a habit contrary to its nature. (Ross, W. D. about 350 B.C.E./1995)Aristotle discussed that virtue must be one of these three: passions, faculties or states of character. Ross' translation of Nicomachean Ethics explains it:Since things that are found in the soul are of three kinds - passions, faculties, states of character, virtue must be one of these. By passions I mean appetite, anger, fear, confidence, envy, joy, friendly feeling, hatred, Faculties refer to the feelings that are accompanied by pleasure or pain. This refers to becoming angry or being pained or feeling pity. By states of character we mean things in virtue of which we stand well or badly with reference to the passions. For an instance, with reference to anger we stand badly if we feel it violently or too weakly, and well and good if we feel it moderately; and similarly with reference to the other passions....

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