Arizona And Child Protective Services Proposal

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Arizona and Child Protective Services Proposal
In recent news, there had been a report of more than 6500 child abuse cases gone uninvestigated within the well known system of the Child Protective Services agency. Because of this astonishing uncovering, many of people in the state of Arizona have come to the realization that perhaps the agency isn’t as efficient at doing their job, as they’d expect. And although efficiency is a problem, the issue of the children's’ safety is put at a greater risk. Especially when the agency whose sole job is to protect those childrens’ rights, that is when a need for a solution is imposed. Not only are the children affected, but the economy, as well as the local state government. However all of these factors could be readily solved by Arizona’s state governor, Jan Brewer. Because of this, a plan that appeals to the mass crowd should be implemented such as increasing budgeting, separating departments to break down jobs, as well as creating monthly checkpoints to ensure efficiency.

Background Information
In the recent unveiling of the over 6500 uninvestigated child abuse cases within Arizona’s child protective services, there has been an obvious rise in concern for not only the faith of the agency but the health and well being of those and future children. Because of these immense amount of cases and the possible lives that could be negatively affected, there has been a shift of focus in Arizona’s government in order to find a proper solution, causing the push for preventative measures. According to Trivalley Central, “Nearly 400 children have been removed from Arizona homes identified through thousands of child abuse and neglect reports that were ignored in recent years” ( The worrisome fact that the amount of 400 children were indeed found to be in abusive households proves the amount of urgency for change in Arizona’s child welfare. Trivalley Central also mentions how Governor Jan Brewer’s spokesperson mentions, “It is precisely why it is absolutely unacceptable that these cases were designated in a way that they would go uninvestigated” ( Brewer’s spokesperson shows that the issue is not only appalling to the public but the states government officials as well.
Another important factor to the issue is the multiple internal issues that may have caused this many cases to be uninvestigated. The first issue being the lack of transparency of the agency. Many would think such an important department would need to be transparent in the way that it is easy to see the efficiency, as well as being able to clearly see any mishaps before it reaches a number as large as 6500 cases. “6,554 reports generated by the state’s child abuse hotline since 2009 had been ignored”( A great point would be that a protective agency should not in any way be able to hide their “skeletons in the closet” without a single person on the outside being aware for 5 years. In...

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