Arizona Is Awe Inspiring Essay

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Located in the southwestern United States, Arizona borders the states of Nevada and California to its west. It borders Utah to its north, and New Mexico to its west. This unique state has one of the largest populations of any landlocked state in the US and was the 48th state to join the country. Also, it was the last state in the continental United States to achieve statehood, on February 14, 1912.

With its vast deserts and soaring mountains, Arizona was long a sparsely populated state that required anyone living or visiting the state to be the hardiest of souls. Since the 1950s and the development of refrigeration and air conditioning, the state has seen its population grow rapidly. Today, visitors and natives alike can enjoy all that Arizona has to offer in a comfortable and pleasurable way.

Natural Attractions of Arizona.

Considered one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon of Arizona beckons hikers and naturalists to come and explore its beautifully-colored gorges and awe-inspiring vistas. Formed by the ever-changing Colorado River, this enormous chasm stretches over 277 miles in length and over 18 miles in width. With a depth of over a mile in some places, the Grand Canyon is truly a natural wonder full of magnificence and beauty that will impress any visitor.

Besides the Grand Canyon, Arizona boasts one of the world's largest natural city parks. The South Mountain City Park in Phoenix was set aside to protect this majestic mountain from over-development at the hands of real-estate tycoons that were looking to create another subdivision to house Phoenix's burgeoning population. Encompassing 15,000 acres of natural desert and arid land, this park features several miles of trails for mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking. There are even several trails open to horseback riding enthusiasts that want to enjoy the wonderful natural setting this park has to offer. Overall, this park offers a plethora of activities for anyone to enjoy who loves the outdoors.

For anyone looking to truly learn about the natural wildlife and fauna of Arizona, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tuscon is a must-see stop on your trip to Arizona. Beginning about 50 years ago, this unique museum started the mission of preserving the natural beauty of the Arizona-Sonora desert by developing world-class programs that are committed to protecting the natural life of this region. Also this museum is renowned through the worldwide scientific community as one of the top research institutions on the animals, land, and plants of the Sonoran Desert Region. In a nutshell, this world-class institution is one of the best places in Arizona to get face-to-face with the fascinating natural wildlife of this interesting region of the world.

Historical and Cultural Attractions of Arizona

Located near Flagstaff...

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