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Armed Teachers: Superheroes Of The Future?

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In 1999, two considered outcasts, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, walked into Columbine High School in Colorado, opened fire and murdered twelve students, one teacher, while injuring twenty-four additional students before turning the gun on themselves. In 2007, Seung-Hui Choo, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed thirty-two people and injured seventeen others, before turning the gun on himself. It was the deadliest mass shooting at a school in United States history. In 2012, Adam Lanza, shot and killed his mother then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, before opening fire and killing twenty children and six adult staff members before turning the gun on himself. This was the second deadliest mass shooting in United States history. These three separate shootings, all took place in what is suppose to be a safe learning environment, but all ended with many casualties. It has heightened our concern and raises the question on the measures that can be taken to safely protect our students and staff in our school systems: Should our teachers and administrators be armed? Arming teachers and administrators in public and private schools does not send the appropriate message towards students and parents and could offer more risk than reward to teachers. In addition, teachers and administrators are taught to provide the students with educational purpose while maintaining order and discipline in a comfortable, safe and friendly learning atmosphere. Therefore, teachers and administrators should not be required to act as a the head of security or a police task force.
The shootings at Columbine High School, Virginian Tech University, and Sandy Hook Elementary were all horrific situations. Multiple people had been shot and killed, mentally scarred, and has left millions of people with an empty and rotted feeling in our stomachs. Many questions swirled around the world asking why these shootings happened and why they weren’t prevented? As these are important and valuable questions to consider, on the other hand, maybe we should ask ourselves what led these shooters to act in a felonious, disgustful and deadly manner? At first, the media and public labeled Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, “social outcasts, persecuted by the jocks and the popular kids,” said David Brooks of the New York Times. He also mentions the theories that were floating around by psychologists after the shooting took place, by saying, “they’d fallen in with a sick Goth subculture; they were neglected by their families; they played violent video games, they were misfits who could find no place in a conformist town” ( Qtd in Brooks). In an article written by multiple contributors from, in regards to the shooting at Virginia Tech, the shooter, “Seung-Hui Cho was bullied by fellow high school students who mocked his shyness and the strange way he talked” (Alex Johnson, Petra Cahil and Bill Dedman). An article in, Elizabeth Landau quotes Dr. Peter Ash, a...

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