Armenian Americans Essay

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Armenian Americans
The United States is made up of a multitude of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. We have always been called “the Land of the Free”, which has aided in making the United States more appealing to those who have had to seek refuge from their homelands during war and other hostile situations. Unfortunately, those who have had to seek refuge here have not always been welcome with open arms. We as a nation and I hate to admit it, are just racist.
In the 1600’s, we used African Americans as slaves to basically do our dirty work. We did not allow them to own anything or even to learn how to read or write. They did not have any rights as human beings. We degraded them and made them out to be nothing. Obviously, now that has changed. Native Americans were torn away from their land and murdered for absolutely no reason. During World War II when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, we were angry at Japanese Americans and if they were caught in the United States, they would be kept as prisoners. Just because they were Japanese, they held accountable for the actions of the people from their homeland.
Currently, the war on terror has caused an outrage for Americans who are from or descendents of those from the Middle East, such as, Pakistanis, Iraqis, etc. How is it fair for us to claim that we are the “Land of the Free” when we hold so much anger towards those who have a different color of skin or who come from a different ethnic background? My paper is not about racism or hatred. I am going to write about a minority group that so few people actually know about. I believe that education and awareness can assist in helping the United States become more aware of the different cultures that makes up our country and actually makes it so great.

Armenian Americans are a minority group in the United States that makes up 1.4 million of our population today. Luckily, most Armenian Americans have never had to face racism or discrimination because their culture is very similar to Americans so they never had much difficulty adjusting to the American way of life. According to British writers in the 19th century, Armenians were referred to as “The Anglo-Saxons of the Middle East” solely due to the fact that their values are more westernized. Armenians have suffered a lot of distraught throughout their history.
The first Armenian known to step foot on American soil was a man called Martin ye Armenian in 1618. He lived in the British colony of Jamestown. Most Armenians that came to America prior to the nineteenth century were isolated events. The bulk of the immigration to the United States came during the Armenian Genocide of 1915.
Armenia was founded in early 2800 B.C. by a combination of Aryan tribes, the Armens and the Hayasas. These settlers had advanced skills in farming and metal work so establishing a colony was almost second nature to them. The Armenian culture struggled to survive due...

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