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Arming Teachers To Give Schools Safety

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You hear almost every day another school goes into lock down or some crazy lunatic takes a gun to school its every tragic to hear of students and teachers getting shot. You hear of parents so afraid to send their child to school or not knowing when they drop their son or daughter off it will be there last. What if we can take preventive measures to help prevent a troubled individual or make them think twice about taking a gun to school? There are many things that schools can do to secure the students inside and are being implemented, but who are the students always around? And who sees the students more than anyone else? The teachers and I believe we can do the most good by arming ...view middle of the document...

Every time I ask parents what they think about arming teachers they have a bunch of what if’s! What if the teacher goes crazy and shoots the kids? But statistically there are more students shooting the school then teachers! They say “fighting fire with fire” and by putting guns in the hands of teachers isn’t the answer. I believe the case right now is only the attacker has the fire at this point, and I think we need to put the fire in the hands of the good guys like the teachers and give them a way to protect themselves and their students. I have spoken to teachers and they say if any gun man that goes into their class room wanting to hurt anyone of their students, “they have to go through me first” so most people don’t think but teachers will lay down their lives to protect their students like if they were their own children so we should give them a way to do so.

Teachers with guns is already in the class room in Clarksville School District, LITTLE ROCK, Ark, and...

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