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Arms For Peace Or Destruction? Essay

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The year 2008 was one of the cherished years in our history. Every American was bolstered by the notion that change will come in the face of a new leader with bright ideas and determination to leave behind a legacy of flawed decisions by the previous administration that had not only drawn widespread criticism from all over the world but had plunged the nation into an economic meltdown. We are now heading towards 2012 and the current administration has not shown decent momentum to stand on its election campaign of bringing a change. We have been promised an end to war in Afghanistan by July of 2011, salvation from rising debts and a universal health care. So far I have observed minimum developments in these areas. According to the Department of treasury, the US owes a staggering 14 trillion which makes USA the highest indebted country in the world. Most of the debt has been incurred by the erroneous policies of constantly increasing the military spending by expanding wars and constructing unnecessary sophisticated weapons. The debt issue has directly caused two events that have threatened national unity over government spending in 2011 alone. One was the brawl over the budget between republicans and democrats that threatened a government shutdown but fortunately was averted at the eleventh hour and recently the dispute over increasing the debt ceiling. With these events unfolding unexpectedly, it is unlikely that a common man is assured of a bright future when the government cannot even make willful decisions to compromise with one another and carve out transparent solutions. The recent dept ceiling deal is expected to further increase deficit spending. This booming dept is disastrous for the economy because for every dollar we are paying interest which means more and more money from the American people is being swallowed without any credible benefit in return. Moreover the pressure from these debts is causing immense problems for the effective implementation and the subsequent sustainment of the government endorsed universal healthcare. The tremendous debt is the biggest challenge that the United States faces and it is an utmost stipulation to heed this problem by crafting an effective plan to counter redundant hikes in spending for the military before the debt blows out of proportion and mar every effort to accomplish aspirations promised to the American people.
There have been ongoing talks in the congress to appease the mammoth debt however there is yet to be a fixed solution devised which could receive unanimous support. The common voices on this problems support spending cuts, tax hikes or a combination of both but there are certain disagreement over the extent in the increment of taxes and areas of spending to be reduced. Americans are already paying a major chunk of their income to government ranging from taxes on sales, property and income. Increasing the taxes would be cruel and would hinder economic progress. Some congressman have...

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