Army: Setting Goals For Myself Essay

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There are many roads in life that people travel down to get to where they are going, and it is impossible to know where you are headed until you find experiance in where you have been. I did not have the opportunity to grow up in a military family per se, but the discipline instilled in myself by both of my parents allowed me to strive for any goal I set out after. From a very young age, a higher education was something not only to be sought after, but an expectation.
Every story is different and every person has different priorities to drive them to better themselves. The main priority in my life right now is providing a better life for my two year-old daughter, Cheyenne. Every decision I have made over the past two years has centered on what would be best for her and how I can provide the best life possible for her. Not only do I want to provide the best life I can for her financially, but I want to be able to instill in her a sense of discipline, hard-work, and dedication so she can follow whatever dreams she may have later in her life. Pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy will allow me to not only provide the best life I can for her, but also to show her that dedication, determination, and resilience will be greatly rewarded.
The trials and tribulations of growing up are the same for most adolescents across this country, but I was one of the exceptions. For the first ten years of my life time, I watched my father battle numerous back surgeries in his lumbar spine, and bounce in and out of a wheelchair. For the last thirteen years my father has been in a wheelchair permanently. My father was born with a very rare degenerative spine disease, which has resulted in more than 40 separate cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal surgeries. The desire to pursue a career in the physical therapy field started with my father.
During my high school career, I was able to get...

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