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Army Captures Chief Joseph On Montana Battlefield A Newspaper Article

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Army Captures Chief Joseph on Montana BattlefieldBy Seth Thomas-4:32 pm October 9, 1879 On October 5, Chief Joseph surrendered in a speech to General Howard at the battle field of Bears Paw. Chief Joseph has been ruthlessly attacking settlements in response to the gracious gift of large land reservations. In a speech given shortly after his surrender, he cited the recent defeats that his tribe suffered in their war against freedom, equality, and prosperity on the frontier of American settlement. Chief Joseph and his renegade tribe of Nez Perce Indians will be transported to Fort Leavenworth as prisoners. The vacant land in Idaho will not be offered. Chief Joseph and his tribe of rebellious savages had only one intent: to kill the innocent and virtuous. His band commonly raided settlements in the city of Uniatille in Oregon. Outraged citizens living in those areas have demanded military action in order tostop the sinister behavior of Joseph but, until three months ago they were being ignored. The US government patiently waited for Joseph to respond to fair treaty until several settlers were found dead. In an interview Ebenezer Clark, a farmer and father of two kids, stated: "I am so glad that they [Chief Josephs tribe] have been taken care of. I know that I feel so much safer now than I did three months ago." General Howard and several battalions of militia were ordered to pursue and eventually capture or eliminate Chief Joseph and his rebel band. When confronted, knowing their inevitable defeat the tribe attempted to flee from their crimes into Canada like cowards running from their mistakes. Howard and his men bravely took up flight on the trail of Joseph, knowing full well that they were in grave danger from the treachery that the proven criminal possesses. After weeks of pursuit the chief was caught just 40 miles from the Canadian Border on the battlefield of Bear's Paw. There Howard put his fist down onto the Chief and his tribe. Knowing all was lost and that justice always prevails, Chief Joseph surrendered to Howard. Joseph gave a speech shortly after throwing his life in the hands of Howard. Joseph looked at the deaths of many of his advisors and the despair among his people as the main reasons for surrender. When the Nez Perce tribe was captured almost three quarters were dead and those still surviving were sick, dying, or maimed. Many of the settlers affected by the tribe are asking the government for further punishment for atrocities committed on the great frontier. "Those there varmint should rot in the deepest pits for the rest of their disgraceful lives for what they did," said a local man that recently began mining gold in Joseph's Wallowa Valley. In recent years the Nez Perce...

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