Army Hrm Human Resource Management Focuses On Securing, Maintaining, And Utilizing An Effective Work Force, Without Which Organizations Cannot Survive.

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Army HRMHuman Resource Management focuses on securing, maintaining, and utilizing an effective work force, without which organizations cannot survive. Human Resource Management involves a variety of activities, which include recruitment, and screening of prospective employees, the study of training needs, preparing human resource forecasts, the development of compensation systems, and an understanding of the laws that effect the performance of these activities. The Human Resource Management function has evolved significantly since the early 1900. The need to deal with labor unions and the human relations movement has increased the need for competent human resource professionals (Dessler 2).Planning organizational human resource needs is a key task for human resource managers. Key strategies for effective human resource management planning are:*align human resource management strategy with business strategy*determining priorities*gaining line management support (Dessler 2)The Organizational mission generates the organizations Plan, which in turn generates the human resource management plan. The external environment and the internal environment of the organization influence the human resource management plan. Human resource managers must align the operational needs of managers with the mission and organizational goals of the business. Human resource managers must communicate effectively with operational level managers to influence, analyze and supply expected staff needs. Additionally, Human Resource Managers must consider the expected future environment and internal and external factors affecting human resource needs when planning future personnel requirements. Human resource managers must establish priorities for staffing needs. Human resource managers must balance the requirements of line managers against the organizational goals to ensure staffing growth is consistent with the overall organizational objectives. Further, resource managers must gaining line management support for its programs (Dessler 4). Resource managers must develop a good working relationship with line managers. Line managers must understand the human resource managers' strategy and the value human resource management adds to an organization. This may be done by demonstrating the value resource management adds to each section. Resource managers must speak the language of business and illustrate the value of human resource management programs in dollars and cents.Recruiting can be defined as seeking the right people for the right job. Two factors influence recruitment. Expected staff supply and demand and human resource management policies and practices. Human resource management policies and practices may influence the recruitment process, in that people may be attracted to apply for jobs if the organization becomes known for its good human resource management approach. Conversely, poor human resource management practices may increase turnover. Effective recruiting is...

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1988 words - 8 pages Work andFamily Scholarship', Work Family and the Law, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 65-87. [Online, retrieved on 1stOctober 2006, from UWS / ProQuest global database].Dessler, G., Griffiths, J. and Lloyd-Walker, B., (2004), Human Resource Management, 2nd edn, PearsonEducation Australia, Australia.Ellem, B., (2006), 'Deregulation and other myths: Re- reading industrial relations policy', IR ChangeReport Card, University of Sydney. [Online, retrieved on 26th

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2453 words - 10 pages all management in the organizations where employees have the right to voice out their opinions or decisions. The level of employee participation and the acceptance of organized labour as an alternative authority structure can measure it.The core objectives of MEF offers quality and professional training courses in the area of Industrial Relations such as labour laws, discipline and collective bargaining, Human Resource Management and Occupational

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4343 words - 17 pages "Pop-corn kernel is hard, indigestible and seemingly worthless. Add a bit of heat into it, and watch it transform before your eyes. Every now and then people in life can do the same thing."Executive Proverb.IntroductionRecruitment and selection is an integral part of human resource management and more specifically as part of the human resource planning process. As future graduates we wanted to get a better understanding of what awaits us in

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4899 words - 20 pages enrichment, and productivity bargaining and which were given some coherence as an interventionist strategy by the report of the Hayes Committee. (Cross, 2004) This suggests that the traditional personnel management function, of securing the workers' orientation to work through rules, can coexist alongside a more interventionist use of trainers to effect behavioural change directly. The strategy may be identified as human resource development (HRD

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