Arranged Marriages Get A Little Reshuffling

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According to the author, Lizette Alvarez, in the article “Arranged Marriages Get a Little Reshuffling”, Arranged marriages are better than modern marriages and parents can choose good mates for young. First, the arranged marriage has changed a lot in modern time. Arranged marriages are more flexible because young people can meet several times in some public venues without family members. Parents and elders have become more lenient. Second, arranged marriages have more advantages than modern marriages. Arranged marriages can preserve religion and identity and help people to find their mates in the same social class. Arranged marriages can outlast modern marriages because couples can avoid social and religions disharmony. Finally, young people prefer arranged marriage to modern marriage. Young people would spend less time to find their mate because their parents, chat rooms and dating websites help find mates for them. Young people can easily find their mates who have the same education level and social status. As a young person, I do not agree with the author because other people might introduce the best mates but not compatible mates for young people and couples will hard to live together if they do not know each other well.
Indeed, parents are more mature than young and can find right mates for their children; however, young people might not like the one that parents find for them. I have one friend whose name is Sunny. She is a 27-year-old beautiful girl, but she is still single now. In China, a 27-year-old girl should get married as soon as possible or she will become a spinster. Thus, her mother and her friends try to introduce many good men to her. Although these men are rich and handsome, Sunny never fall in love with one of these men. I cannot understand that because every one of these man can be a good husband and gives her a good future. However, her reason is that these men are not compatible with her, thus she keeps being single. In fact, Sunny’s mother and friends give her the...

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