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Many cultures practice arranged marriages. Are these arranged marriages more sustainable than love marriages? Yes, arranged marriages last longer and are stronger than love marriages; therefore, the practice of arranged marriages should continue.
Lisa Black, in her article “Arranged – not – forced – Marriages a Good Match in Cultures,” states that many people believe that arranged marriages are forced, but they are not. “Arranged’ means parents are involved in the decision – making” (Black). Her article discusses a couple whose marriage was arranged. Sai Srinivasan and Uma Viswanathan knew they had a choice, that they would not be forced to marry. Guided by their Hindu religion, ...view middle of the document...

Low divorce rates in countries with arranged marriages points to the success of the arranged marriage. High divorce rates in countries with love marriages indicate that perhaps this form of marriages does not work. Because of cultural differences, it is difficult to say which form of marriage is the best.
A third interesting article dealing with arranged marriages is “Modern Lessons from Arranged Marriages” written by Ji Hyun Lee. In this article, Lee brings up the fact that some marriage experts are asking whether arranged marriages produce better relationships. Experts also ask whether there are lessons in how arranged marriages evolved that can be applied to nonarranged marriages in the U. S. Some couples who have entered into satisfying arranged marriages do attribute the success of their unions to the involvement of their parents. Khubani was 25 in 1985 when his parents tried to get him to visit Inder Sen Israni and Maya Israni in Jaiper, Inida, and meet the couple’s daughter Poonam. Ms. Israni, is now Mrs. Khubani. Mrs. Khubani recalled, “It wasn’t love at first sight at all” (Lee). Mrs. Khubanis’s love for Mr. Khubani did not kick in until he became sick and she cared for him and...

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