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Art 100 Visual Art Piece Of Paleolithic Era

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Art100 Since the change of apes evolving into intellectual human beings, hand-made creations have come to fascinate man through the generations. Since the start, art has played in the role of 1) recording history and 2) giving a view of the type of styles that have come and gone. As seen in contemporary art today, we see these many styles from the past. The Dream Beginning is a contemporary art piece that can be compared from Paleolithic times of Hall of the Bulls in the Lascaux caves. The past provides a blue print to the future; the future provides new styles to future generations to come. While visiting the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas, I stumbled upon the Dream Beginning. It is a contemporary piece from Jicao Feng, this piece is oil on canvas, width: 29.1 (74 cm) height: 23.2 (59 cm) in 2000. The techniques are solid shape drawing and contour drawing. The background has a lime stone look. The colors are a rusty reddish orange mixture, the rest of the colors that belong to the people and animals are black, white and red. This style of art piece reminds me of the Paleolithic style. There are five figures; two figures appear to be a man and woman, the other three are a turtle, bird and a catfish. The skinning of animals is the theme of this contemporary piece. The mood is lifeless and unreal. The man is about to strike the red white turtle, and the woman is skinning a black bird while her feet restrain the catfish.The figure appears to be doing hard and dirty work. The full side view of the woman is located on the left side of the piece; she is in a seated position with no support. Her upright rectangle medium size white body is half way covered by animal's skins of black and red undetailed rectangles. Stick figure arms are reaching the black triangle shaped white beak bird. With a side view appearance, the eyes are eight times larger than the woman's dot eyes, because the seated woman is choking it to death. Her head is circular no detail of bone structure and life-less. There is no mouth, nose, ears nor wrinkles on her face but two black dot eyes. Her hair rounded from three sides, having two gaps from the left and right side, as tho she has three black mounds. Her feet stretch across the right side of the picture as tho her feet coil a catfish. The catfish has no details of whiskers nor fins or tail but just a body. Its wearing a round top hat, out lined in red and black following with a half sided red star. It's trying to escape from the woman but there is no detail or lifeless struggle to get away....

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