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The Importance Of Art In My Family

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My home growing up was filled with creative people. My dad has always been immensely talented. He was good at nearly every artistic endeavor he pursued. He sat me down when I was about 3 or 4 and taught me to braid on my little pony dolls. Not just any braids but fish bone, french, and various other styles. He could make wall size rugs from knots and braids. I have seen clay sculptures he made that seem like they would take years of training to accomplish. Music always surrounded him, he must be the only grandfather who will listen to any music. You would never hear him say that music now a days is crap compared to what it used to be. He has made simple bracelets to large steel buildings. His schematics of what he is going to build are always so precise and intriguing. He drew a pencil schematic of a boat seat for his boat he wanted to make that I wanted to frame and hang on my wall. He used fabric paint to make my brothers and me shirts when we were little, I wish I still had one to show you. The list goes on and on. Draw, paint, sculpt, construct, botany there is nothing that I have seen him attempt that he didn't do well. The sad part is no one will ever know outside his family, including himself, that these talents are in him. He has always been depressed.
Tolstoy was trying to convey that art is a language between men. Some men are deficient in this language. If I were to say hello to you and smile, and you said hello back to me smile, and then walk away, we would both be left with our thoughts on that encounter. Maybe I meant to say, I want to talk with you, to get to know you better. Maybe you thought you were not competent enough to engage with this particular person. The moment was missed because of emotions not communicated. We were never taught to interact this way with each other. But we want to. Perhaps I will go home feeling the missed opportunities from that encounter, staring out my window at a bird pruning itself on a tree, I start to write a story of a crow who watches a dog everyday laying in the yard. Long story short they end up overcoming their lack of interactions and inadequacies becoming friends. I humanized my story. I was inspired by interactions and surrounding. My story is published, but never becomes a bestseller. One day you walk into a small used book store and find the book I wrote, read the back and it resonates with you. You have been there you have felt the inadequate feelings of the Crow. This unknown book moves you in a way and it becomes your favorite, all bent, highlighted, written in and cherished. But most importantly you will never know you inspired it. Now enlarge this idea to encompass all creative thinking creatures.
I have heard so many people say they are not artist, thats impossible. Those very same people are capable of listening to music and viewing paintings and reading books that move them. They are part of an emotional conversation we have with each...

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