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Art And Architecture In Germany And Czech Republic

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My trip to Germany and the Czech Republic was very exciting. At first, I was not sure what to think about it. They are foreign countries and this was my first trip out of the United States. I did however think they would be much different from America. I knew that there would be many older buildings and castles in each country, since they are older than the United States. I also did not expect to see as many skyscrapers in these cities. I expected all of the cities to be beautiful and have a lot of unique architecture. Prior to my trip, I had very little art background, only the classes I had in middle school. I did enjoy visiting all of the museums in Germany and Czech Republic. I found that the museum visits helped me appreciate the art in Germany and Czech Republic.

One art experience I enjoyed was at the Zwinger Museum in Dresden, Germany. I loved all the paintings there. Each painting was unique, but you could pick out similarities in them too. The paintings all had stories to tell, real or fictional they all had their own interesting tale. All of the paintings were beautiful, elegant, and one of a kind. This was one of my favorite museums that we visited on this trip. Another art experience I enjoyed was at the Mucha Museum in Prague. Mucha's work was very unique and artistic. I really liked his style because to me it seemed like a combination of modern and Victorian at the same time. The way the colors flowed with each other appeared very elegant and inspiring. The artists in these two places really inspired me and I really enjoyed their art. A quote from a Prague tour guidebook states, "The 19th century Renaissance saw a period of national and revival and the burgeoning of civic pride," made me realize that the art I was admiring was probably part of that era. I believe that this helped the art at this time period to grow and develop in a positive manner. Art and architecture are both forms of art that shape these countries.

One architectural site that I found to be interesting was the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The building was so different and unique that t really caught my attention. The building was shaped like a huge lighting bolt with random cracks in it for the windows. There were scattered places where you could look down into the center onto an art piece that was amazing. It was built onto an old style building, which made it stand out even more. The other architectural site that I found to be interesting was the Prague Castle. In my Prague travel guide the author says, "After a fire in 1541, the badly damaged buildings were rebuilt in Renaissance style and the Castle enjoyed its cultural heyday under Rudolph II." This quote shows how the building was cared for and the builders went above and beyond their job to make it look even more beautiful than before. I just loved every thing about this building. The architecture of this building was amazing and beautiful. The vastness of the inside was astonishing and I was amazed...

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