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Art And Architecture Steering An Ancient Society

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Through the artistic and architectural styles present throughout Rome and attached provinces, Roman art and design was able to improve both cultural and structural matters in the Roman Society over a progression of time. Architecture, and methods of organizational layout were not just artistically configured, they served a larger purpose to make the Roman society better. Through centuries of Roman history, the administration of the cities used its funds to build infrastructure that would help cultivate the lives of its people. By creating social environments out the natural topography, the structural remnants of the past civilizations display the sense of power that the Romans had over the land. During the 2nd century, the wealth of the Empire prompted Imperial styles of architecture which dictated what was built, where something was built, and why it was built. In the early stages of the Roman Empire, architecture steadily provided society with culture and stability. In the features of the buildings this is very evident. Depictions of gods, mythological creatures, war, sacrifice and the valuable aspects of life appear both in, and on the architectural structures. This essay will examine how architecture and art are expressive instruments that generate space while encouraging interaction and community to coexist within the different classes of people all living together in one society.
Architecture is an expression of power and a site of resistance. Through the stages of the Roman Empire uneven change and development occurred due to whom was ruling at the time, the political stability, and the wealth of individuals present in areas of the Empire. By interpreting both history and culture through architecture, we are presented with a combination of spaces both planned and unplanned. Architecture is valuable because it connects people with more people, divides space, expresses power, and most importantly shelters what art pieces and artifacts people create. Architecture in the Roman Empire can be classified in the forms of temples, administrative buildings, bath complexes, triumphal arches, aqueducts, Amphitheaters, roads, bridges, flood control works, and ports. These types of infrastructure are necessary for society to function, yet they are heavily decorated with elegant styles of ornamentation. These artistic and intricate remains of ancient structures are covered with various images, descriptions, the different styles of sculpture and painting. These works of art, appreciated both inside and outside of structure, were organized and planned out with directionalities no matter the foundation. Whether completed in an elaborate fashion or done in a crude style, the notion of design effects social change. It addresses the conditions that people live in and introduces areas where people can actively participate. These environments are the social programs that Imperial architecture implemented. Filling spaces with images of war, scenes of...

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