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Art And Its Underestimated Potential Essay

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Art is everywhere whether one likes it or not, and can be appreciated in the smallest of ways. It’s absolutely necessary for the growth of a society and its people. It’s mainly used for businesses today to either raise people’s opinions of their company or sell a product. For example if you go to the marketplace and you pick up a gallon of milk the first thing you may see on that gallon is a picture of a cow or the same milk being poured into a glass in a way that captures the eye and makes you think, “Wow that looks great!” This is the most common use for visual art today and often makes people “miss the point” of what it truly means (Bond). Advertisement is one of the biggest fields in then visual arts and shapes the way we see a product as well as the choices we make on such judgment. This is where the illusion comes in making the visual arts, a potentially harmful thing. The illusion of it comes from what’s true and what’s made up or “altered truth”. A company could make their product seem way better than it really is essentially tricking people into buying it. One example is when you go to a fast food restaurant and you see signs of perfect looking sandwiches when in reality they don’t look like that. Most people don’t see any illusion but when they do it’s hard for them to see the other side of things, the ones that aren’t “stretching the truth”. People today tend to see that kind of advertisement as normal. In fact, it kind of helps with things like morale by making things seem much more worth it and just all around nicer. So therefore art is the very “soul” of a successful business.
What’s more important than art? The artist of course for without them neither would exist. Sadly people do not care so much for the artist these days but rather for the art. Often times most people believe that people who “make it big” in any kind of profession will forget about those who haven’t been so lucky, but that simply isn’t true (Bond). Most inspiration for visual artist comes from their experiences and the people who share theirs, and as long as the flow of ideas continues so will the work to show for it. The greatest of visual works comes from a subtle take on reality, or fiction, that addresses the opinions and beliefs of a person or persons. Powerful art like this starts out slow and rises in influence over time (Bond). This kind of work touches the very “soul” of emotions and often times is the center piece for movements of all kinds while still inspiring many to come. Not all visual art has to be “super realistic” or “super detailed” in fact most famous pieces are the simplest of design. The “Shiva Lingam Stone” from the Narmada River, India, for example, is simplistic in design but can spark many ideas from just the smallest of attributes such as the size or shape so there for little things like this must not be missed (Bond). There are a vast variety of functions that the visual arts may have but one particular function is to increase our...

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