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Art And Music Therapy Essay

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Art and Music Therapy
There are many of types of counseling in the world that are used often and then there are few that are used not so often, just because it is called therapy does not mean that the person is just in a room laying on a couch and talking to someone who keeps asking the same question “and how does that make you feel.” like we see on the television, There are therapies other than just in a room talking to someone; There are some in which people can do exercise, children can play games, they could even do group activities, just because someone is in counseling does not mean that they are confined to four walls and a note pad. The forms of therapy which will be focused on are Art and Music therapy, starting with art.
What is Art therapy used for? It provides an outlet for coping for some people who may be suffering for any type of illness, in Stanford Medicine It was used with cancer patients; with this therapy the Art Therapist will provide and use pictures, art supplies and visual symbols to help create a better understanding of what the patient is feeling and help address their own concerns or conflicts ( Some of the examples of art therapy could be coloring, painting, doodling, photography, etc. Art therapy is a very pleasant and fun activity but is not to replace treatment and medicines it is only there for the stress reduction, help relieve anxieties and to help the patient express emotions which they could not before, then after the patient is done with their art and pictures; they will sit down with a licensed therapist and go over what they see and why they took pictures of or drew what they did. As for the time being, there are no complications linked with patients and art therapy, it is considered safe and effective for helping relieve stress and connecting with the patient. The good things about art therapy is that it is very user friendly and anyone can do it young, old, disabled or not, art does not push them away, it is one of the easier forms of therapy that most people can accomplish.
Another form of therapy that we are going to go over will be Music Therapy. What is Music therapy used for and what does it do? As the class book states “Movement is a popular form of expressive therapy, used with music or without. There is even the American Dance Therapy association, which seeks to guide practitioners who employ such methods in their work. As with most of the other nonverbally mediated treatments, this strategy has the advantage of bypassing intellectualization and verbal defenses with the intent of helping people to become more self-expressive, more in touch with their bodies and minds, and more inclined to explore their potential in creative ways.” (Chapter 6 of Introduction to Counseling).
What training is needed or necessary to be a Music Therapist; it requires multidisciplinary study which includes courses in musicianship, behavioral sciences, theories of psychiatry and psychotherapy,...

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