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Art And Politics In Usa Essay

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The United States of America has one of the most interesting and controversial socio-political histories in the world. The reason for this can be pegged on the idea that the region’s early achievement of independence, long before other states even commenced fighting for their self-liberty (Bindas 200). The political realm in the United States has been shaped and re-shaped by various factors such as economic, social and cultural differences among Americans. The political sphere has been shaped and or influenced by artistic ideas and views from different artists in the region through various art forms.
Music is one of the artistic tools that have been used by artists to educate or influence ...view middle of the document...

The period between 1914 and 1948 also experienced advent of other genres of songs that protested against USA joining the First World War that had commenced in Europe. In this period, young men were coerced to be recruited to join the US army. The major song, ‘I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier’ became very popular. This was done by Adrian Bryan and composed by AL Piantadosi. The song was a radical criticism on the part of the government, which recruited army personnel from the population without their express consent. The song criticized how different sons rose against each other and murdered each other ruthlessly. The song contended that the differences between states would be kindly resolved in an arbitration forum. As if to heed the contents of this piece, there was amicable resolution to end the war in the year 1918. The song also contended that victory over battle was not enough to be celebrated by a mother who had lost her sons in the battle (Cushman 97).
Professor John Seery (2011) also observes ‘The Poem of Democracy’ by Walt Whitman very influential politically in America. The poem illuminates the turbulence during the civil war and the impact it has in the history of mankind. Seery further says that the poem discusses major factors that have contributed to the growth of democracy in America. The factors included include but are not limited to; democracy discontent, racial discrimination, aggression, gender and sexuality among others (Palmer 1013).
Films have also heavily influenced the political regime in America. The current Obama regime was marred with economic meltdown that consequently made it very infamous. The introduction of the Obama care, which has been termed as political had been received negatively by the opponents until two films namely ‘The Rainmanker’ and ‘As Good as it Gets.’ The Social Science Quarterly by Todd and Jeremia shows that after the films...

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