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Art And Resistance In The West Bank Part 3

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Critique of Security rhetoric;
The graffiti and murals depict Israeli violence systemically. One of Banksy’s pieces critiques the ridiculous nature of Israeli’s security rhetoric. He painted an image of an Israeli soldier with a gun checking a donkey’s identification. This image while humorous also purposefully serves to show the absurdity of the security claims that checks all types of people, old, young, pregnant, sick and workers going to their own lands. The impact of such protocols on a daily life is negative economically, socially, and psychologically, as it creates abuse. Another images that shrewdly ridicules the nature of the security claim is that of a little girl tapping down a soldier, as this is what occurs to little children on a daily basis as they cross over to go to school in East Jerusalem. Through reversing roles, Banksy shows the absurdity of the security claim for tapping down on children. In two other murals are images of a soldier pointing a gun at a chicken on the ground and another image of a plane dropping a drone on one of the couples with a heart symbol between them. Such images display how the Israeli military preys on haplessness even when there obviously is no threat evident. The coalitional group, the Israeli Coalition Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) depicts the violent nature of Israeli military and the negative impacts of home demolitions. ICAHD’s image contains a military tank, with a wrecking ball hitting down a heart. Sentiments on the wall sometimes give the reader an understanding of how Palestinians and the allies view their turmoil.
Non-violent Resistance:
The concept of love tramping evil and brutality seems to be common line of thought that has a huge mark on the wall. Most of the messages on the wall and in the imagery call for non-violent means of resistance, Parry’s logic of “ the spray can” being “mightier than the sword” seems to be effectively deployed by the Palestinian and coalitions. So many of the writing had positive messages of love, with one of them reading, “Your heart is a weapon the size of your fist, keep fighting, keep loving.” Every Friday around the West Bank Palestinians, pray for peace and the end of their oppression. As stated and illustrated on the wall by UK artist Paula Cox, “song for freedom” this is a “non-violent community” whose hopes is to gain their sovereignty. Most often than not, the perception in the media is that Palestinian resistance is associated with violence, the media over and over portrays Palestinians throwing stones at the soldiers or talks about suicide bombers than the address the hundred of thousands of people who use non-violent approaches. One of the murals creates a counter narrative by instead depicting a man throwing a flower, which thematically fits with the conceptions of love and peace as resistance. Other mural also emphasized that Palestinian are not violent, an image of a woman read, “I am not a terrorist. End the Occupation....

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