Art And Resistance In The West Bank Part 2

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Human rights:
This aspect of “support for Palestine” creates a conception of the wall as an issue of transnational interest. Defining the walls constriction in terms of human rights issues creates more leeway and support from both local and international NGO’s that function to safeguard the natural liberties, such as freedom to life and liberty. What the graffiti and artwork show is the landscape of life in the depleting neighborhoods. Inscriptions such as “we want to live like everybody else” or “No to this jail for Palestinians” appeal to the concept of human liberty and freedom supported by all human rights organizations. Comparison to Berlin wall shows the level of tyranny and oppression that the wall presents, and is also symbolic of the hope that the Separation Wall will come down sometime in the near future. The note written in German, states I am Berlin, “Ich bin ein Berlin.” The transnational nature of activism and collaboration has been both a physical resistance on the ground in Palestine and in artistic resistance that later trespasses into international activism once transported through the virtual world and media of different countries.
Americanization of the Wall:
The reference to America on the West Bank Wall provides a critique of American role and compliance in the building of the wall. It situates America in the production of the wall—“American Money, Israeli Apartheid.” These graffiti imagery linked George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon (as terrorists) or highlight the fact that Israel and the wall are both supported by American tax dollars. Such graffiti brings to light American role in the conflict and holds them accountable to a degree. Most international government with exception of the Unites States and a few of its allies expressed disapproval of the construction of the wall. Those that empathized with Palestine however, have not provided them with the level of economic and military support that the U.S. has provided Israel in continuing its conquest of Palestine. Some inscriptions on the wall that refer to the U.S. include “Israel-have you become the evil you deplored? Made in USA.” Here the “evilness” of Israel is ascertained to the United States. Another discontent with the U.S. is visible in an image drawn of George W.Bush’s head with the devil’s horns and bones drawn on him. In his visual critique of America, American Ron English created several murals on the wall near Aida refugee camp posing critique on American compliance in the oppression of the Palestinian people. On a huge Mural were English’s words next to a “Pardon our oppression.” I thought this was a powerful tool as he acknowledges that as American each and everyone has played a role in the oppression of the Palestinians though paying tax dollars. Americans to the present day remain obliviousness to their own role in the conflict. Today American support of Israel remains unchallenged. On the wall, English challenges the U.S. government in asking,...

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