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Art And Culture In King´S Park And Fremantle Market

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i) Fremantle market is similar to that of a flea market that sells almost anything. The most common item sold was fresh produce. We expected more art stalls and activities around. The market place had migrants and locals selling their products. The place had more locals visiting than expected. This indicates that this place is more than just a tourist destination. The market has been dated for quite a few years back and is added to the registered of heritage places. There are some stalls that were present for over thirty years and a few new stalls. Since, Australia is a growing migrant country. The increasing number of migrants allows interactions between different ethnicity and culture. The migrants brings with them a variety of products for the visitors. This is why people come back since it is not things you can always find in shopping malls. It has become quite well-known to many, drawing in lots of revenue from the tourist and locals.
The market allows everyone to share their own culture, build social cohesion among the people and contribute to community development. From how the stallholders interact we can tell that they are a tightly knit community. The market seems to show the culture of the people in Fremantle since the locals do visit this market. They use producing a historical narrative of a nation to create a Australian identity. The market history is shown in the current stalls in the market. Despite the long history of the market it still retain its past as “a wholesale food and produce” as well as a “packing and distribution centre”. Thus, visitor can experience the history of the place. It is a historic place that acts as culture as a shop window. It main purpose is to generate revenue. Therefore, through the market people are able to understand the Australian identity by seeing how the people work and interact. The market focus on institutional value. They provide programmes and platforms to support artist.
Fremantle prison is like a historical museum the place itself is historic. In the Fremantle prison there is a gallery and visitor centre. The gallery shows the work of the prisoners as well as “the history of indigenous incarceration in western Australia” it shows the treatment of the aboriginal in the prisons. It shows a direct representation of the life of the prisoners. We get to experience the situation they went through, their living condition. There were tunnel tour, torchlight tour and many more. The variety of activities help to cater to every one of all ages. As a whole, the place and the tours really creates a strong impression on people whether good or bad. There are a handful who may be uncomfortable with how they are presenting the situation. The historic site provide very good amenities like toilet and a café. This creates a good visitor experience, helping to increase visitor-ship.
The Fremantle prison produce the origins and continuity of Australia, helping to shape and define the Australian identity. It...

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