Art Appreciation Paper Over Near Sydenham Hill By Camille Pissarro

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Near Sydenham Hill is a painting by the renowned impressionist Camille Pissarro. One of his lesser known creations, the work of art intrigued my interest with its vibrant landscape display, unique style, and skilled use of colors. Of the many paintings, sculptures, and canvases I viewed on my trip to the Kimball Art Museum of Fort Worth, this one caught my eye immediately while I was quickly passing by. The impressive blend of oil on canvas is likely to do the same to any passerby. Pissarro used the right techniques and style to make a masterpiece that will be long-lived for the ages. But before we get into his career as an artist, it is necessary to figure out just what kind of a man he was.Jacob-Abraham-Camille Pissarro was born in St. Thomas of the Danish West Indies. He was the third son of Abraham Gabriel Pissarro and Rachel Manzano-Pomié. Pissarro’s determined parents were aware of his gift and sent him to an art boarding school in Passy France. The institution was known as the Académie Suisse and located close to Paris, making it an ideal portal into the art world. The notice of his skill was not just limited to his parents. Being close by to one of the major art capitols of the world allowed him almost unlimited resources and chances. He quickly became somewhat of a prodigy artist that many were discovering as quoted according to the Britannica Online Encyclopedia, “the young Pissarro showed an early talent for drawing, and he began to visit the collections of the Louvre” (2). The young and aspiring artist spent five successful years at the school in Passy and returned home to his family. Urged to aid the family business by his father, Pissarro was reluctant and spent more time sketching instead. He soon realized that his devotion to art was greater than anything in his life and fled to Caracas Venezuela to continue his art career.His success continued to grow painting mostly street-scenes while away. Pissarro used this trip sort of as a reflection period to try and find a style of art he enjoyed. He returned in 1854, after two years, and began to stick to his initial roots by getting serious about painting. As stated by Hutchinson’s Biography Database, Pissarro “was influenced, like most young painters of the time, by Corot and Courbet” (2). These men were forefront artists of their time that still play a huge role in the development of art today. If you know anything about them or have seen their works, it is easy to see how they were so inspiring for many. One of the other recognizable men affected by these two was Claude Monet. Monet was very similar to Pissarro in many ways, and they both have amassed insurmountable fame and respect through the years for their enchanting works of art.They were not only artists of the same style, but they studied together as well. In 1856 Pissarro started to take classes at France’s École des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts). Here he began...

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