Art As An Academic Discipline Essay

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Question 1.
a. What do you think art is?
What is art? Art is that which is pleasing to the senses or of more than significant importance (Cothren & Stokstad, 2011, p. xxvii). It is also said that art is an opinion (South University Online, 2014). Anybody can have their own opinion of a piece of art, but very few people can actually judge art. Of course, everyone still has their own opinion. A mother will see her one-year-olds painting and see a work of art. A true work of art invokes a need to understand what the artist was saying or feeling at that specific time. Art captures time and the human experience (South University Online, 2014). It could be a wedding portrait that brings tears to a wife's eyes, or it could be the red blanket in a bedroom (South University Online, 2014). Art is a perception of beauty of form and color and location. The definition of art is as follows: "the quality, production, expression , or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance" (, 2014). Art evokes emotion, it can be uplifting or depressing. Man has always had a need to express himself, to say what he cannot speak.
b. Why do you think it is important to study art as an academic discipline?
There must be discipline in life, or nothing would ever get done. Academic discipline teaches organization and follow-through to be successful. Art seems so unimportant to success in the real world, but this is not true. I did not realize that there were so many aspects involved in judging a work of art. There are parts you see immediately, like bright colors, or an interesting subject, or maybe a rough texture. They focus your attention on a specific thing. I the real world, having discipline is a definite plus when trying to be successful. Art teaches you to look at all aspects of life. For example, when selling a commodity, ask questions first. How can we make our products more appealing to young children? An artist would use bright colors and bimorphic shapes, like pink and blue teddy bears, or yellow ducks (South University Online, 2014). Art teaches perspective. To look at a work of art is to see into the minds of artists, and know what was happening to them at the time.
c. How is a work of art different from something that is artistic or creative?
What does artistic mean? It refers to the creation of images or objects in the visual arts, painting, sculpting, etc. Creativity is the process of producing something entirely new and different. I think that a work or art is a combination of the two. In the painting "Bedroom at Arles" by van Gogh, the artist creates a beautiful image of home. It is artistic because it is pleasing to the eye and it is creative in the use of colors and lines to create the illusion of three dimensions. It is simple, but it gives the feeling of strength because of the use of color and vertical lines (Cothren & Stokstad,...

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