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Art Can Be Made Of Any Material.

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What a pleasure it was to have an extraordinary and polymedia artist come to our Art 102 class. Bruce Conkle works with two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional time based art. His time base art had the most impact on me and my understanding of art changed. Many of his works has a political aspect to it, but it is not sanctimonious. His work assumes a message the viewer has to interpret. Conkle’s art has a mystery and dark humor to it. A person may have an idea of art being of old master paintings and marble sculptures. Through this class, and especially Conkle’s visit, I realized there are many other art forms that exist.
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This idea is explored in his Trophy Case from the Play exhibit as well I like that his work shows environmental awareness and hypocrisy-snowman. Play was very much about life, and what sustains life; physically-snowman and tree in the freezer. Ironically, the snowman was slowly melting. There was the horror of this freezer which was supposed to be there to support him but actually he was in a slow state of entropy. This humor is displayed intentionally with randomly placed flying saucers in the sky, or with a tree flipping off missiles in the sky, like in Der Pilzenkönig.
As well as environmental, Conkle’s work expresses political issues. Such as the Gold Loner with 29Cu Dragon Spine. Which was land art done in the Gobi Desert. People were mining gold, silver and copper in that region. The act of mining was destroying the land. While the citizens were suffering corruption and pollution that come with the mining operation. His work was a kind of a protest, an ironic protest, because he painted the rocks with gold, silver, and copper.

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