Art Critique About The Work Of James Mark Salarda's "Explicit And Implicit" Arts Essay

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Name: __Christienne Marie M. Santiago_____________ Date: Sept 01, 2017
Section: __12- Eloquentia_________________________ Course: Core 14
Title of Artwork: __Explicit & Implicit_____________
Artist: __James Mark Salarda_____________
For Description: What colors can you see from the artwork?_
The artwork contains a lot of colors like light blue, pink, white, black, and grey. On the left side of the artwork, it can be seen that there is a presence of pink color while on the right side there is none.
For Analysis: _Are there some of the similarities in features throughout the artwork?
Yes, there are some of the similarities in features in both sides of the artwork such as; the repetitions of colors like light blue, white, black, and grey. It is also visible that there is a repetition in the portrayal of movements or strokes like the dripping, brushing, and splashing of paint.
For Interpretation: Why is it that on the left side of the painting it has a pink color while on the right side there is none?
_The artist wants to provide contrast in his artwork that on the left side of the painting, he wants to state something that represents a sexual, sensual or uncensored thing in a clear and detailed way like what explicit literally means so that is why a pink color is used to portray it because it symbolizes romance, femininity, and tenderness. While on the right side of the painting, it can be seen that there is only light blue, grey, black and white without the presence of pink that is because he wants to describe something that is not thoroughly expressed, somewhat mysterious. It also something that is firm or steadfast that is why a light blue, grey, black and white are used to represent it because these colors symbolize masculinity, power, mystery, and being conservative.
For Judgment: _What do you think this artwork means?
For me, the artwork is all about gender roles and differences because it’s a comparison between femininity and masculinity through the presence of pink color on the left side and with the black, grey, and light blue colors on the right.
James Mark Salarda’s artwork which is entitled “Explicit and Implicit” is a comparison between two ideas. As what I can see from the artwork, the left side of the painting contains pink, white, light blue, grey, and white while on the right side it contains the same colors but without the presence of pink. From what I have perceived the general idea of his artwork is all about gender roles and differences. Let me start off with my interpretation on the left side of the painting. First, the title of the artwork is explicit and implicit so I assumed that on the left side it is all about explicit things while on the right side it is all about implicit ones.
Explicit means something that is very clear, thoroughly expressed, showing no doubt, and in detailed manner. And basically, explicit can also be...

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