Art Styles In Greece And Etruria

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Greece and Etruria have many things in common. This is due to many the influences Greece had on Etruria. This influence included fashion, which can be viewed in figures 5-12 and 9-3 (Kleiner, 115 and 236), and also art styles, mostly notably the red-figure style.Ancient Greeks were a unique set of people for their time period. Individuality was very important to them; they felt that people should be able to be free and 'do their own thing' providing they don't break Greek laws. Due to this philosophy, the Greeks had some major accomplishments. (The Ancient Greeks) "The two most important concepts which the ancient Greeks followed were found inscribed on the great shrine of Delphi, which read 'Nothing in excess' and 'Know thyself'. This philosophy greatly impacted the Greek civilization." (The Ancient Greeks)Art in Greece could be viewed in art different architectural sculptures. One type that was common was freestanding sculptures. "Free standing sculptures were usually made of marble and painted in lifelike colors. They were often inscribed with the name of the person who commissioned them. Sculptures were placed on pedestals lining the way from the entrance to the main temple, or for marking graves." (Greek Art).There were two names for the different types of freestanding sculptures, kore and kouros. Kore were statues that were female and they usually portrayed goddesses that were clothed. Kouros were statues that were male and they usually showed warriors and gods. (Greek Art). Figure 5-12, entitled Peplos Kore is a very good example of this type of architectural sculpture. (Kleiner, 115).Another type of architectural sculpture you could see in Ancient Greece was vases. "Vases were painted with a narrow band of decoration and small figures and eventually there was only one large scene on each side that filled the whole body of the vessel. This painting usually involved the gods in poses of every day life." (Greek Art).One major factor in the development of Greek dress was the climate of Greece. Clothing in Greece was generally wrapped around the body. This was done so that on the warmer days you could adjust the garment, since Greece has a warm climate. (Athenian Costume) "This costume is indefinitely adjustable; it can be expanded into flowing draperies or contracted into an easy working dress by a few artful twitches. It can be nicely adjusted to meet the inevitable sense of 'beauty' bred in the bone of every Athenian" (Athenian Costume).The chiton was a popular form of Greek dress. It can be viewed in figure 5-12 (Kleiner). Not much shaping is required to turn the cloth from rectangles of fabric into and elegant dress. There are a few benefits for wearing this type of clothing. First, this makes...

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