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I went to the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum for my art experience project. I was impressed with the amount of statues I was able to see in one place. A majority of them seem to have been created and donated by the Fredericks family themselves. As I said before the amount of statues in this little space is impressive, however my first impression is the feeling of claustrophobia.
The statues are packed in fairly tight and the space overall doesn’t seem to be well utilized. The room it was in did however provide an ample amount of natural light from the large windowed wall to the north. This coupled with the recessed lighting did a good job of lighting the statues facing the ...view middle of the document...

The Lion and the Mouse was one of my favorite pieces (and stories), along with Friendly Dragon, and The Saints and Sinners set being my favorite.
The Saints and Sinners set were really neat for me. All were basically stylized but each had a different feel to them. All were cast in plaster. All were colorless like the other statues. They were again clearly biblical in nature. They had the characteristic hanging doll feet of the stylized art we’ve seen in class. A line in the plaque for this set suggests that their elongated shape and style were taken from the jamb statues on portal columns of gothic cathedrals. My favorite thing about these statues is that they are all different but clearly meant to be in one set.
Things that really intrigued me most are that the Pious Monk and the Warrior Saint are the only ones fully clothed and the only ones wearing shoes. They both have geometric ice-cycle-like beards. They also are the only ones looking up. The ladies all have different hair styles however The Good Influence and Temptation are the only ones with an item from pelvis to foot. The Good Influence is the only female with a skirt. Eve and The Holy Mother are both holding something at collar/neck level. And The Evil Influence is alone in the fact that he has some...

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