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Art In Reality, Cyberspace And Virtual Space

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Name: Toh Lai HeeClass: IA05A (Interactive)Lecturer: Mumtaz MaricarSubject: Space and SpectacleMacoto Yanagisawa is a very talented and gifted interactive multimedia artist. You could easily distinguish his works by his strong passion in motion, neon light and sound. His love in experimenting with visual effects is also one of his forte. Another common characteristic of his works is the use of Macromedia Director. His utilization of the 3D engine of Director is superb. You could find impressive visuals in most of his interactive pieces (from year 2000 onwards). He called this series of works as "Interactive Motion Art".'Neon' version 1 is one of his earlier works which derives from the series of Neon Light Illusion (his first experimental piece). The pan and pitch of the sound changes with the movement of the mouse cursor. The colour of the neon light also changes the pitch/tone of the sound while your cursor moves around. Personally, I think the visuals are very impressive. The colours blended in so well with each other.Another work which I believe was the upgrade or improvement from 'Neon' is 'Alveolata Noctiluca Neonlight', which was done in 2001. There are 24 types of style. Each style is represented by a Chinese word. So there are 24 Chinese words of course. The style is determined by the meaning of the Chinese word that appears on your screen. Whenever you right click your mouse, the style changed. Every style has their unique way of generating sound/audio. For example the Chinese word 'Fang Yin', this actually means 'Reaction' in English. The Chinese word 'Fang Yin' itself already speaks for its nature and style. You will see a neon light band (looks like rubber band) which changes colour as the particles rotate and a white circle band (again, it looks like rubber band). The colours determined what sound you will hear when you touches the particles of the neon light band with your white circle band. Basically, the Chinese word of each scene represented an environment where the rules of generating sound are prefixed. So you more or less understand how the rest of the scenes work and that spare me the time to explain all 24 Chinese words.In 2002, the birth of 'Neon' version two appeared. Some of the elements from the version one remained in this piece of work but had been re-presented (not 'represented'). This piece of work have 5 virtual environments (cave, burst, fire, aurora & fish), so called 'Motions' in the piece. The first environment is in a lime stone cave where there are neon light particles dripping from the top. Below you will see the so called lime stones. Click and drag the white outlined lime stone upward/downward and you will be able to adjust the position. When the neon light particles hit or touches the lime stones, sound will be generated. Different tones/pitch is determined by the position of the lime stone and as well as the sound type selected. There are seven types of sound (water1, wind, fire, air, water2, piano...

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