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Art Influence On Modern Society Essay

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Our society today is a visual one that is greatly influenced by the arts: painting, prints, dance, photography, movies, television, and literature. Imagine lives without art, businesses would not advertise as easily, we would not be able to look back at the past, or express our inner feelings. The arts provide awareness of social causes. Furthermore, they are frequently used in propaganda. Moreover, arts allow one to recreate experiences from the past.
Social causes are a widely discussed topic among teenagers and adults of our time. For instance, rape, cancer, human trafficking, and autism. Art is one way an opinion of the cause can be expressed to the public. Hannah Noonan, a college ...view middle of the document...

Salmones’ opinion can be viewed through his art creation for cancer survivors in Dallas, Texas. Human trafficking and cancer are just two of the social causes among many that are expressed through art around the world.
Propaganda is a strategy used that incorporates art. Propaganda uses can vary from political situations to commercial products. After the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. became fully involved in World War II, which led to a great mass of men to enlist in the U.S. military. The scarcity of men in the work force formed job shortages throughout the United States. Industries were unable to fulfill their duties because of these shortages, so to carry out the jobs needed they had abundance amounts of women join the workforce from coast to coast. The government along with help of advertising agencies mounted extensive campaigns to encourage women. “ ‘Rosie the Riveter’ is the name of a fictional character who came to symbolize the millions of real women who filled America’s factories, munitions plants, and shipyards during World War II” (“Rosie The Riveter”). Magazines and posters displayed the “Rosie The Riveter” character in countless images including, the famous “We Can Do It!” poster even redesigned and used today. From 1941 to 1945, the application of “Rosie The Riveter” propaganda was a purpose of the arts. Furthermore, propaganda still uses art today for commercial functions. Before purchasing an item, we always intake the physical appearance of it. Whether that is a slogan or image, it affects our decision in buying a particular item. On the Got Milk website, there are color animated blenders in action, classic milk jugs filling up, old bicycles delivering the newspaper to homes, and personified cows. The slogan “Got Milk” is on every tab of the website, and commercials, audio and visual are presented at all times (“Got Milk”). All of these designs are a type of propaganda and persuasion to attract customers. Furthermore, the Got Milk campaign has extended their advertising to be seen within television shows, “In episode 2 of Family Guy Season 2, "Got milk" is displayed on their TV” (Manning). Concluding, art has been a strategy used within propaganda for both commercialism and political goals.
Art provides a way to experience one's self in relation to the universe. One example, is to recreate experiences in which we do not know of what for sure happened. Art regarding religion, is a major part of recreating experiences. Akiane Kramarik, nineteen year old artist, has been painting her beliefs since she was four. At the age of eleven, Kramarik painted “Mother’s Love”, showing Mary holding Jesus. This is how Akiane imagined Jesus’ birth between the bond of him and Mary. “Mary is the symbol of love, warmth, affection, tenderness and devotion. Her story is the story of love and faith. Mary with her tender love embraced Jesus at birth. The robe connect both of them as if there were one” (Kramarik). Again, Kramarik...

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