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Findings of the study:

From the survey conducted upon the customers of SBI it is found that, customers are the buffer between those Local Banks and the Foreign Commercial Banks. They are determining a margin within these. From the analysis it is realized that, customers are knowledgeable, as they are convincing more people day by day to deal with foreign banks. During the visit for survey to another FCBs almost all the clients of these banks approaches in the same manner. It's really a thunderbolt sign to our local banks. Their standard of customer handling is much more ahead of local banks. Customers were speaking frankly about their desire, expectation, satisfaction and obviously some systemlessness. From the conducted study it has been found that, people are fared to some extent toward SBI because there is the only one branch in Sylhet-accordin to some one's view. On the contrary other has fully faith because of the International presence having more than 16,000 branches all over the world. One thing has been asked to them repeatedly is why such a tide towards Foreign Banks having existence of an enormous local banks of which some doing good business as well. Again and again almost the same answers were replied. They are talking about the mismanagement and legacy of the officials that make them bored. Customers were frank about the pros and cons of SBI. Some one was speaking about their satisfaction while another was high toned of their grievances.

Speaking with them which become clear about the satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction is summed up in below:

Things that make customers happy:

The importance of relationship with customers that give them extra value.

The speed of service rendered by the officials and friendly environment that allows an ease of contacting.

Convenience way of dealing for any purpose.

The way of handling clients for their problems paying extra attention valuing them as the Boss.

The excellent professionalism, helpfulness and courtesy of the staff treating the customers in such a way that they are waiting for them.

SBI has a mission to lifetime partnership with the customers.

SBI has a competitive mindedness that gives customers some more facilities than other banks.

NOTE: Some extra facilities is being offered by SBI though it has no relation with banking terms and conditions i.e. they recently has opened a new service of Indian Visa processing. From here customers are getting the privilege of Embassy. Certainly it has a positive impact toward the Banking transaction. For example, people are coming here now to endorse Dollars in Passport to visit India that is adding extra value to SBI's profitability.

SBI is not always getting the blessing of customers. They also cognizant about the surrounding and for that reason some complaint available against the Bank. These are as follows:


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