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Art Is Not Only Art Essay

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Creating art is not all about genius or mystery. Critical thinking, questioning, exploration, and discovery is all part of making worlds of art and understand works of art even it is difficult to understand and explain. Through the worlds of art during my study, I have learned that asking question, making assumptions, and accepting that there is not always one right answer; giving me new ways to think about art. The eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries were considered as the times of the most variety of art schools and the time of art development. If there were Rococo, Romanticism, and Impressionism being the typical styles of art in the eighteenth and nineteenth century; Cubism and Dadaism were marked as the revolution of art in twenty century. In my essay, I will concentrate on the values of these art schools.In the eighteenth century, people became smarter, they recognized and believed in the ability to reason of human rather than believed in the God's power as the previous times. Science, technology, industry has been developed; In the book Culture and Values A Survey of the Humanities, Lawrence Cunningham said: "It had trust in science and in the power of human reason, belief in a natural order, and an overriding faith in the theory of progress that the world was better than it had ever been and was bound to get better skill" (413). However, in this century, there were many bloody conflicts between every estate in the society too "the eighteenth century was marked by pervasive resentment and dissatisfaction with established society" (413). As the result, people come to art to escape from the realistic, the real life that they could not tolerate and accept. Basing on a part of Baroque style, Rococo style was born, as Henry M. Sayre mentions in his book A World of Art : "The Rococo was deeply indebted to the Baroque sensibility; it was in some sense, the Baroque eroticized, conceived to lend an erotic tone to its environment" (486). Rococo style is "one of the most popular artistic style of the period, the rococo, was characterized by frivolity and lightheartedness. Rococo artists deliberately aimed to create a fantasy world of pleasure into which their patrons could escape from the problems around them." (p. 413, in the book Culture and Values A Survey of the Humanities). We can easy to see clearly the "fantasy world" insight each product of Rococo (Fig 1 and Fig 2). The artists blow the dreaming wind into their paintings to make the pleasure soul for their works. That makes people imagine about a peaceful place without mess of the society, without the bloody revolutions between people and people that they called human being; and that help people relax from the stress of the chaotic place where they were living. Rococo style is an indispensable way to help people escape from the reality.If in the eighteenth century, Rococo style is one of the most popular styles of art, which was recognized by the "fantasy world", the illusionism,...

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