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Art Nouveau And Art Deco Essay

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This essay is based on the semiotic and formal analysis of design differences and comparisons between art deco and art nouveau. the two movements surround the events of world war 1 mainly and influenced but political and social events within the western cultures such as France, England and America. both art movements play a significant role in representing the way people lived socially and representing such aspects of their life spans as wealth, religious views and political and economic influences.
The movement art nouveau was established during the 1890s .It lacked the grandiose aura about its presence and techniques that art deco possessed but made up for this with longevity in its impact ...view middle of the document...

it is the conclusion of activity in the current visual arts by people who were determined to evolve the personality of European civilization. Art nouveau is the terminology given to a dominant visual arts style during the first world war in the 1890s which was present in the Americas as well as Europe. the stile was the result of melding previous movements and individual arts accompanied by publishing houses and that current industrial society. it had essences in all genres and forms but was fully established through the decorative arts movement allowing it to come into the fullest extent of existence as a separate art movement.
as for the art deco movement, art decoratif was a post war movement mainly around the end of the first world war. the expression art deco was first used by an English art historian by the name of Bevis hillier as a referral to a contemporary and fashion influenced by a lifestyle of lavishness and sophisticated luxury during the twentieth century from decoratif was a movement expressed through graphic designs, fashions jewellery, furniture interior designs and architecture to name a few. The art movement was at its prime during the 1925 during its exhibition in Paris and went on to influence design and architecture mainly in America until the beginning of the second world war. the movement
tried to return in the 1960s but was short-lived and so the term art deco is synonymous with the original 1925 era.

At its prime art deco aspired after exclusivity and divine luxuries. People who encounter art deco produce for the first time are intrigued by the quality and luxury of the materials. this is especially true for the art deco furniture. Makassar ebony was one of the mot preferred materials of the best cabinet and wardrobe makers of the twenties is a wood which through texture and tones is a very ostentatious material to work with. Art deco was the presidential fashion among those who saw themselves as tastemakers - someone who popularises and establishes a new way or fashion. the inter war period was a glamorous flamboyant era that was represented with the use of clean, straight lines, stylised flowers with geometric patterns making it seem functional but modern.
designers and artist of this period commemorated the modern styles and practices that were originally inspired by the ancient civilisations of old like the Aztec and far eastern influences ,mainly the African influences such as Egyptian. Art nouveau inspired most of the graphics used for art deco and continued to be created and produced well on until the second world war. But after a brief interruption buy art nouveau the floral patterns used in said specific art movement is one again become common sight and is returned to use in various decorative and advertising schemes. English art nouveau only began to rise at the end of the century and liberty art nouveau using silver and pewter continued to be made until the late 1920s
art deco is mainly...

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