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Art Of Film Essay

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Maltese Falcon, L.A. Confidential, and Chinatown are all considered a classic for noir films. Even though these films are not actually "black film" they are a Hollywood crime drama. Not all of them are in the Hollywood's classical film noir period from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. The Maltese Falcon is more like a classical noir film than the other two movies. Maltese falcon has all the traits a noir film should have. Like fatalism, the femme fatale, the male protagonists, shadows, gloomy, urban, corrupt, etc. Maltese Falcon is a story about a detective Spade whose night changed rapidly when a gorgeous women by the name of Miss Wanderly walks into his office. Spades partner, Miles and ...view middle of the document...

It starts with a group of police officers; Bud, Dick, Vincennes, Smith, and Exley who are celebrating christmas in 1952. Two partners, Bud White and Dick Stensland run to the liquor store. While in the liquor store Bud runs into a beautiful blonde women named Lynn whom we see later is the femme fatale of the film. Automatically you can see the sparks between these two. Later that night during the christmas party everything turns dark, ugly when the cops being intoxicated rush downstairs to beat the Mexican prisoners. Exley being the only one trying to stop the injustice is locked in a room and is helpless. A reporter catches a snap shot of the police officers and mexican prisoners and calls it a "bloody christmas." Consequences arose when Stensland was expelled from the force, White was taken off suspension when he agrees to aid Smith in a new project. Exley says he will testify against this injustice and is promoted to homicide investigation, but everyone despises him. On Exleys first night he receives a call stating many were murder at the nite owl. he arrives and finds the cook dead, he then sees a blood trail to the mens bathroom where six other dead bodies lay. This dark massacre opens the rime scene for these three detectives all taking theyre own path to find the killers. While Exley finds the three African-American men accused of the Nite Owl massacre. Vincennes looks into the "Fleur de Lis" a criminal prostitution underworld where woman were given plastic surgery to look like the famous actresses of the time. It wasnt untill Exleys ask Vincennes for help with the almost closed case "Nite Owl massacre" that they see their two cases connect in a way and that Bud was off doing his own thing to with the beautiful Lynn who also is a prostitute involved in "fleur de Lis." it isn't untill Vincennes was killed by Dick for solving the case that Exley sees what truly is going on. that's when Bud and himself work together to bring justice to this police station. The two detectives hold up the cabin where Smith's men approach the cabin then a gunfight occurs. Eventually the detectives kill most of the men. Until smith turns on Exley, as cops pull up, Smith ask Exley to walk out with him promising his career. As they walk out Exley shots...

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