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Art Should Not Be Taken Away From School Programs

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Have you ever thought of it from another person's view point? Have you ever took the time to realize that what you’re doing is hurting them? It the inconsiderate people in our world that make it so hard for us to get along. By removing the art programs from our schools you’re really hurting all the kids involved with it. If you’re having a hard time understanding the point I’m trying to get at, think of it like this; imagine losing an arm, or a leg, maybe a hand, or even a finger or two. That arm you lost? That’s the art program to us. The leg? The music program. The hand? That would be the creative writing sections. Now what about the fingers? Try dance, and all of the other activities out ...view middle of the document...

People think that when it comes to the arts that everyone involved tends to be stuck up and a loner. That’s not the case. Now I understand that there are some people out there who do make these sorts of decisions on being alone, but normally people involved in the arts become a giant community. For example, the people in the music programs almost always end up saying how much of a family they’ve become. The music program is a giant source when it comes to socialization for people and kids. If you think about it people are always talking about different topics and many times a topic consists of music. You listen to music everyday, and many times that’s how friendships and things begin. People converse a lot about music because it’s something that we all know very well. By having music in the system, there are many more opportunities to get in touch with everyone else. Not only in music, but in all of the arts programs. All of these programs teach everyone to rely on each other because we all play an important role in our everyday lives. If there are people lacking for one day in class, then it screws up everyone else. You make a lot of friends, and it makes you more confident so that you can deal with other life things. “Poise and Confidence Through Dance.” -Suszek Hannah, 4-D 2nd St. Dance Studio. There are kids out there who need this kind of interaction because they don’t get it anywhere else. “As with anything in early childhood it is important for the child to explore and create what is important and meaningful for them.” -Vanderbilt University Health and Wellness. With the arts being apart of our schools and our lives it’s letting us express ourselves and put our work out there for society to see. It’s the once chance we get to be ourselves and make something of what we’re thinking in a peaceful and constructive manner. “In a quality early childhood program music activities simultaneously promote development in multiple domains. Music is used to introduce daily routines...

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