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Art Throughout History Essay

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The arts are a way to express yourself, from painting to sculpting and performing. Art from the Renaissance and Reformation period from 1300-1650, the Age of Imperialism from 1800-1920 and the Contemporary World from 1945-Present will be compared. While some of the Renaissance art was about new ideas, the Age of Imperialism art was about social status and Contemporary World art is about broader imagery that is greater than only a person. The differences in subject matter, techniques and artists will be explored below.

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When Leonardo painted, his focus was very unique. He was liked to apply geometry and focused on the light and shadow of those shapes, which created optical drawings. Another thing that he liked to focus on in his drawings, and studies, was the beauty and structure of the human body. He often would do studies on parts of human body to better understand how to draw those parts accurately. For example, he did an anatomical study of the arm, which details the bones and what they look like. From there, he moved on to a study of the muscles and tendons of the arm. It showed the various muscles, where they connect, where the tendons are, where tendons connect and showed them all from different angles. After that, he applied his knowledge to a shoulder study and so on. As you can see, Leonardo da Vinci really wanted to learn and constantly improve his work.
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Another artist who found great inspiration in the human body was Michelangelo Bounarroti. His works are equally as famous as Leonardo's and include “The Statue of David”, the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, “The Last Judgment”, Saint Peter's Basilica, “The Creation of Adam” and so many more. Just from the titles, you can tell that although Michelangelo had inspiration from the human body, he also made many works that focused on Christianity. Michelangelo was a very faithful Christian and would say “The Lord is my strength and my shield”. David was actually created to be a biblical hero and “The Statue of David” was then a symbol of courage and strength. In Michelangelo's works, he also like to have them on grand scales. For example, “The Statue of David” is 18 feet tall and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling is about 5,000 square feet. In addition, it took him over 4 years to finish the Chapel Ceiling and 3 years to make “The Statue of David”.
Raphael Sanzio
The third Renaissance artist is Raphael Sanzio, who was the youngest of the three. Raphael is known for “The School of Athens”, “The Deposition of Christ”, “Saint George and the Dragon”, “The Transfiguration” and other wonderful pieces. Raphael was not only a painter, but he was also an architect who was hired by Pope Julius II. Once Raphael moved to Florence, he was heavily influenced and inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Bounarroti, which became evident in some paintings. Other than his fellow artists inspiring him, he liked to express the humanistic philosophy, or humanism, meaning the philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value of human beings. If you try to think about these wonderful artists, you may realize how they were all revolutionary during the Renaissance and Reformation Period and have provided a peek into this time. They all left hundreds of inspiring, complex works on many different scales.

The next important time period in art is the Age of Imperialism from 1800- 1920. During this time, the subjects of art transferred from biblical topics to whatever the artist found...

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