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Lesson 7Barber Shopby Jacob Lawrence At the Time of the Louisville Floodby Margaret Bourke-WhiteGenerally the Barber Shop is an unrealistic painting; it is a painting consisting gouache on paper that the context looks abstract. It uses watercolor to draw the work so that it is opaque. Lots of outlines and some contour lines give simple but unrealistic shapes to the characters. One of the features of this art work is the repetition and rhythm in art - the pattern is based on the diamond-colored apron, with one lavender and white, one red, and one black and green. Besides, the shapes of the characters are triangulated that they are not in a smooth pattern. That is, the shape, color and pattern of the characters are similar, but it is also distinctive.In terms of the At the Time of the Louisville Flood, it is a black and white photograph showing the living situation of white and black in U.S.. The "dream" is the painted surface, advertising that the white can have the most luxury way to live. By comparing the "world's highest standard of living" at the top of the advertisement and the poor blacks lining up for food, the photo gives huge contrast between the lives in different race.About the differences between the Barber Shop and the At the Time of the Louisville Flood, the watercolor used in the Barber Shop is opaque that it is different from At the Time of the Louisville Flood, which is a piece of photographic work with some chemical reaction with light. It gives a...

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Saving A Few Bucks By Not Cutting Fine Art Courses and The Long-term Affect it can have on A Childs Life

1037 words - 5 pages To what extent does the depletion of performance based curriculum affect the academic success of the younger generation. Institutions around the nation have been forced to execute extreme measures such as getting rid of fine art courses without fully contemplating the long-term effect that it could have on the student. The specific courses directly correlated with a performance-based curriculum include: Music, art, theater, and dance. These

Questioning Originality and Authorship in Fine Art Photography

1781 words - 7 pages Over the last few decades, the practice of radically appropriating works of other artists has become common. The central tenet in appropriation art is to incorporate ideas and images from mass media, popular culture, advertising, and from other artists into a new work. Indeed, appropriating art is not new since borrowing from other artists is an age-old practice. For instance, painters have regularly repainted the paintings of other

The Fine Art of Building the Perfect Sub Sandwich - Process Analysis Essay

960 words - 4 pages Building a sub sandwich that appeals to the hungry consumer is a delicate art. In order that these often-picky eaters return to buy more subs, the subs must be "top of the line." Everything on the sandwich must fit the needs of the customers to their exact request. Many do not realize that simple mistakes such as leaving off the pickles or mayonnaise, or adding too much pepper, and other instances alike may in fact cause the end of one artist's

Summary of the fine art of japanese taiko drumming and how it has influenced to western culture.

1059 words - 4 pages bound man pounding a gigantic drum with sticks that resemble axe handles perched upon high in a temple or religious ceremony. At least this is the image that I remember and this is the way it was, that is, until it was given a facelift in the 20th century. It can be said that Japan is society who prides themselves in seclusion and tradition. I believe that it is because of this mentality that the art form of Taiko has quickly become Japan's number


941 words - 4 pages the related habit of prudence.[11]The second and more recent sense of the word art is as an abbreviation for creative art or fine art and emerged in the early 17th century.[12] Fine art means that a skill is being used to express the artist's creativity, or to engage the audience's aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards consideration of the finer things.The word art can refer to several things: a study of creative skill, a process

Fine Arts Education Issues

1639 words - 7 pages Fine Arts Education Issues According to the National Art Education Association’s goals for schools, “all elementary schools shall require students to complete a sequential program of art instruction that integrates the study of art production, aesthetics, art criticism, and art history,” (Clark, 1987). Elementary schools are having difficulty because they are cutting back on the fine arts programming and many non-specialist classroom

Lack of Fine Arts Programs in Schools

2525 words - 10 pages . But, in all cases, people should know the basics of fine arts: an art form developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than utility. Real-world labor needs constant and difficult thinking skills and thought process. Fine Arts can help boost student learning by making students relate art content to other curriculum. Luckily, society today has many programs for kids and adults to get themselves involved, to help increase their fine

Graffiti: Pure Art

578 words - 2 pages disqualify it as art. However, some forms of graffiti can be accepted as art. This type of graffiti is known as graffiti art, subway art, or spraycan art. Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen are west coast fine artists that derive there experience from graffiti art and street art. Both artists believe in the accessibility of graffiti art to the public. Although they now are commissioned to do gallery installations and have now entered the

Kant's Conception of Genius

2413 words - 10 pages Kant's Conception of Genius As part of his Critique of the Aesthetic Judgement, Kant sets out to explain what constitutes a fine work of art, and in doing so he asserts that "fine arts must necessarily be regarded as arts of genius." (page 168, 'The Critique of Judgement', Immanuel Kant). He then goes on to justify this, and to explain what genius consists of, and how a work of genius is arrived at. Kant begins by stating

History of American Art Education

1637 words - 7 pages Ages, life revolved around faith. While art did play a role in the lives of the people, it was in the form of craft guilds. The apprentice system became more prevalent during this time period as well. It was not until the Renaissance that craft and art became separate entities. Although fine art was stressed more in the educational setting, and students were taught formal skills during this time period, it also marked the Age of Reason. This

The Acceptance of Digital Art

1166 words - 5 pages combine or morph. The technological aspect of digital art often leads to questioning of whether or not it can be considered art. Digital art has been accepted and embraced by the commercial and entertainment industries for many years, but is finding it much harder to become part of the fine arts community. Digital art has many hurdles to overcome before it will be fully accepted by the mainstream traditional art community. Frequently

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1081 words - 4 pages the fine collections held in so many of these well known and fabulous museums, one wonders about some of the lesser content. While these fine building hold some of the world's most superb artwork, they also hold some of the most terrible. Unfortunately, the terrible is starting to overtake the superb. The Detroit Institute of Arts' collection of Modern Art grows larger by the day, now encompassing more than five large exhibition rooms, more than

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2188 words - 9 pages 1 Artbridge - Providing Unique Fine Art Solutions for Projects Professor CJ Birch January 2012 'Artbridge' is a company based in the heart of Mayfair, alongside many other prestigious fine art studios, galleries and consultancies. It is one of the places that the very wealthy go to when they have a particular fine art requirement to enhance their global real estate. Those paying for the Art often commission experts to source their requirements

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1327 words - 5 pages order to make decisions deriving from the barrage of information (both false and true) that we absorb on a daily basis. I’ve chosen six skepticism tools from Carl Sagan’s article, The Fine Art of Baloney Detection, that I think are the most important for scientific purposes and for everyday life. These skills include discussing the matter at hand, ignoring position of power, personal detachment from the subject, a sound argument, an understanding of

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1077 words - 4 pages outstanding works from such artists as Paul Cezanne, Albrecht Durer, and Claude Monet. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, holding over 300,000 pieces of work, has an absolutely beautiful collection of French paintings and sculpture. Even more impressive, the Metropolitan Museum of Art houses over 2,000,000 works of art. Their collection of American Painting and sculpture is arguably one of the finest in the world. Having established the fine collections held